Elevation (disambiguation)

Elevation (disambiguation)

Elevation, literally "(up)lifting something or someone "higher" (also figuratively), can refer to:

*Elevation (liturgy) of consecrated bread and wine in Mass.
*Elevation, the height of a geographic location above mean sea level
*Elevation, the lifting effect of the sound source in the center between stereo loudspeakers.
*Elevation (ballistics), the angle between the horizontal plane and the direction of the barrel of a gun, mortar or heavy artillery
*Altitude (astronomy), one of the coordinates of the horizontal coordinate system used in satellite communication and astronomy
*metonymically Promotion (rank), being raised to a higher rank, or simply the awarding of a "high" office such as a nthrone or prelature
*Elevation (view) is an orthographic view. See Plan view.
*Elevation (kinesiology) - an anatomical term of motion
*Elevation (psychology) - an emotion
*Elevation can be synonymous for vertical privilege escalation, which, in computing, provides a mean of accessing information or performing actions reserved for a system administrator.

As a name:
*Elevation (song), U2's 2001 single from the album "All That You Can't Leave Behind", featured in the movie ""
*Elevation Tour, U2's 2001 concert tour
*, U2's Elevation Tour concert video release
*Elevation Partners, a private equity firm

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