Ash may refer to:

Products of fire, incineration or combustion

* The solid remains of a fire
* Incinerator bottom ash, a form of ash produced in incineration facilities
* Volcanic ash, material ejected from a volcano
* Ash (analytical chemistry), the compounds that remain after a scientific sample is burned
* Fly ash and bottom ash, products of coal combustion
* Wood ash, products of wood combustion
* The remains of a cadaver after cremation


* Ash tree, any tree of the genus "Fraxinus", or the wood from those trees
* Mountain Ash, any of several other trees
* Prickly Ash, any of several species of the genus "Zanthoxylum"


* Soda ash, a common name for sodium carbonate
* Plasma ashing, a process in semiconductor manufacturing

Media and entertainment

* Ash (artist), French graffiti artist
* Ash (band), Northern Irish rock band
* "Ash" (ballet) by Peter Martins (1991)
* "Ash" (comic), Comic book about a superhero firefighter
* Ash (director), independent filmmaker
* "", a video game


* Æ, a letter used in Old English texts
* Near-open front unrounded vowel, the vowel sound represented by the æ symbol

Companies, organizations and schools

* Action on Smoking and Health, a lobbying group
* American School of the Hague, a school in the Netherlands
* American Society of Hematology, an American professional organization
* Mesa Airlines, ASH in ICAO code
* Nashua Municipal Airport, ASH in IATA code



* Brandon Ash, American racing driver
* Brian Ash, American screenwriter
* Brian Ash (bibliographer), bibliographer
* Daniel Ash, British guitarist
* Ed Ash, American car engine constructor
* Eric Ash, British electrical engineer and former Rector of Imperial College
* Gord Ash, baseball manager
* Haruhiko Ash, singer
* Isaac Colton Ash, California politician
*John Ash (divine) (1724–1779), lexicographer and minister
* John Ash (writer) (1948 - ), a poet, writer and travel writer
* Leslie Ash, British actress
* Maie Ash, British stage actress (1888 -- 1923)
* Marvin Ash, pseudonym of the American jazz pianist Marvin Ashbaugh
* Mary Kay Ash, American businesswoman
* Meir Ash, one of several people including
** Rabbi Meir Eisenstadt
** Rabbi Meir Eisenstaedter
* Russell Ash, British writer
* Sam Ash, American businessman* Timothy Garton Ash, British academic historian and writer
* William Ash, Canadian-American pilot

Given name

* Aishwarya Rai, Indian actress
* Ash Atalla, television producer
* Ash Bowie, American indie musician
* Ash (director), Ashley Baron-Cohen, film director usually credited as "Ash"
* Ash (god), a hawk-god of the Sahara Desert in Egyptian mythology
* Ash (wrestler), a Canadian wrestler commonly known as "the Antihero" or "the Canadian Casanova"

Fictional characters

* Ash Williams, the hero of the "Evil Dead" film-series
* Ash Ketchum, the main character of the Pokémon anime
* Science Officer Ash, the science-officer of the "Nostromo" in the 1979 film "Alien"
* Ash, the phantom guardian of Marona in Phantom Brave
* Ash Crimson, the latest main character in the "King of Fighters" game-series
* Ash (Supernatural), a recurring character on the Supernatural TV series.
* Ash, monster from Final Fantasy 9 game, located on "Memoria" (Last game location).
* Ash, the protagonist of "Avalon"
* Ash, a dragon-character in the video-game ""
* Ash, the protagonist of the novel "Ash: A Secret History" by Mary Gentle
* Nina Ash, a werewolf from Angel (TV Series)
* Ash (MÄR), a character in the manga and anime series MÄR
* Ash, a controversial character from Bare Knuckle 3
* Ash, a controversial main character in "Alex Rider: Snakehead"
* Ashe, a character in "Final Fantasy XII"


In Australia

* Ashburton railway station, Melbourne; station code ASH

In the United Kingdom

* Ash, Derbyshire, England
* Ash, Devon, England
* Ash, Surrey, England
* Ash (near Salway), Dorset, England
* Ash (near Stourpaine), Dorset, England
* Ash (near Sandwich), Kent, England
* Ash-cum-Ridley, near Sevenoaks, Kent, England
* Ash (near Taunton), Somerset, England
* Ash (near Yeovil), Somerset, England

In the United States

* Ash, Oregon in Douglas County, Oregon
* A community in Brunswick County, North Carolina

Other meanings

* Ash (god), a figure in Egyptian mythology
* Ash (Aishwarya Rai), one of the nicknames of Indian actress Aishwarya Rai
* Ash railway station, a rail station near Guildford in the United Kingdom
* Almquist shell, a command-line interface for computers
*, a Usenet newsgroup
* American Shorthair, a breed of cat
* Bisnovat R-4, a missile with the NATO reporting name ASH
* Ash Mountain, several mountains by this name in Canada and the USA

ee also

* Ashe
* Ashes
* Ashley

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