Ed's Redeeming Qualities

Ed's Redeeming Qualities

Ed's Redeeming Qualities was an alternative folk group that was founded in 1988 and originally consisted of Dan Leone, Dom Leone, Carrie Bradley (who also performed with The Breeders), Neno Perrotta, and Jonah Winter. Dom Leone died of cancer in 1989.

The band received some mainstream exposure when The Breeders covered their song "Drivin' On 9" on their album "Last Splash". Furthermore, Ed's Redeeming Qualities contributed several songs to the soundtrack for the movie "Ed's Next Move", a film in which they also briefly appeared. Their songs were often funny and strange story-songs or character sketches. Some highlights include Neno's "Lawyers and Truckers" and "Lawn Dart", and Leone's "Spoken Word." Though the band has officially broken up, some members of the group still occasionally get together for reunion concerts every few years or so.

After the band's breakup, Carrie Bradley went on to form the band 100 Watt Smile, which released two albums in the late 1990s. Dan Leone and Jonah Winter went on to writing careers, and Neno Perrotta published a book of poetry.

The Presidents of the United States of America, in their 2008 release "These Are the Good Times People" borrowed the lyrics and title of the ERQ song "More Bad Times," adding a few additional quips and a new musical feel.


*"Ed's Redeeming Qualities" (tape)
*"Ed's Kitchen" (tape)
*"Ed's Day" (EP)
*"More Bad Times" (1990)
*"It's All Good News" (1991)
*"Safe World Record" (EP) (1992)
*"Static & Weak Tea" (tape) (1993)
*"Big Grapefruit Clean-Up Job" (live) (1995)
*"Ed's Next Move" (1996)
*"At the Fish and Game Club" (1996)
*"Guess Who This Is" (tribute album to Dom Leone with covers of various ERQ songs)

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