Atayal language

Atayal language

region=north Taiwan
script=Latin alphabet

The Atayal language is spoken by the Atayal people of Taiwan. Squliq and C’uli’ (which includes the well-documented Mayrinax) are two major dialects.

There is a dictionary of the language and a grammar. In 2002 a Bible text was published. Atayal is written in the Latin alphabet.





Reference grammars

*Huang, Lillian (2000). "泰雅語參考語法" [Atayal language reference grammar] . Taipei: Yuanliou. Describes Mayrinax Atayal.
*Rau, D. V. (1992). "A grammar of Atayal". Cornell University dissertation. Describes Squliq Atayal.
*Valle, G. D. (1963). "Handbook of Atayal, as it is spoken in Wufeng (Hsinchu hsien)". Taichung: Kuangchi Press

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* [ Ethnologue report for Atayal]
* [ Ci'uli Atayal Wordlist at the Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database]

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