Paddy may refer to:
*Paddy, a masculine given name, and a common diminutive for Patrick or Pádraig
*Paddy, slang (usually derogatory) term in British English for an Irish person
*Paddy Whiskey, a brand of Irish whiskey manufactured by The Cork Distilleries Co. since 1779
*Paddy field, a field for semi-aquatic crops
*Harvested rice kernel, known as paddy, or rough rice
*Paddy, informal name given to the Black-faced Sheathbill or Snowy Sheathbill
*Paddywagon, slang term for police car
*Paddy, nickname for the apprentice Jedi rank Padawan in "Star Wars"
*Paddy, slang word for a tantrum or fit
*Paddy Rollers, informal name for slave patrol
*Paddy Button, a character in the novel/film "The Blue Lagoon".

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*Patty (disambiguation)

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, , , , (in joke or contempt), / (in the husk)

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