Pretty Tony

Pretty Tony
Tony Butler
Associated acts Freestyle/Freestyle Express/Freestyle Evolution

Tony "Pretty Tony" Butler was an influential 1980s electro and freestyle artist based out of Miami, Florida.

He recorded a string of popular club tracks on Jam Packed in the mid-'80s. Butler's tracks with his primary group Freestyle Express (now known as Freestyle Evolution) include such club staples as "It's Automatic", "Don't Stop the Rock" and "The Party Has Begun". Solo, he released "Jam the Box". His best-known tracks were produced for female vocalists Debbie Deb ("When I Hear Music" and "Lookout Weekend") and Trinere ("All Night", "I'll Be All You Ever Need", "I Know You Love Me"). Also the one-hit wonder group Fast Lane "Young Ladies" in 1984 and later "Young Ladies Remix".

According to his official MySpace site, Butler is currently completing the final preparations for the launch of a new record label, entitled COUNTDOWN Entertainment.

The song "Don't Stop the Rock" by Butler's Freestyle Express (released under the name Freestyle) is used as the basis for the 2009 Cadbury Eyebrows advertisement which is part of the new Cadbury plc television ad campaign.


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