Bilen people

Bilen people

infobox ethnic group
group = Bilen

caption =
poptime = 100,000
popplace = Eritrea mostly concentrated in the city of Keren
langs = Bilen
rels = Sunni Islam, Catholic Christianity
related =Afar, Tigrinya, Tigre, Somalis, Oromo,Kunama, Kunama and Beja
The Bilen, Blin or Bilin are an African ethnic group of south-central Eritrea, in and around the city of Keren, and south toward Asmara, the capital city. The Bilen are agriculturalists. Their population is about 96,000. About seventy percent of their population are Christian, primarily Catholic, while the other twenty percent are 20th century converts to Islam.

Blin is also the name of their language, an Agaw language. Sixty percent of the Christians have some understanding of Tigrinya. Seventy percent of the Muslims also use Tigre. Other spoken languages include Arabic (among the youth), Nara, and Kunama.

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