Langhian is the older ICS age of the Middle Miocene epoch. It spans the time between 15.97 ± 0.05 Ma and 13.65 ± 0.05 Ma (million years ago)GeoWhen (2007)] . Defined by M. F. Pareto in 1864, it was originally based on evidence from the Langhe area north of Ceva in northern Italy, hence the name. The Langhian is preceded by the Early Miocene Burdigalian and followed by the Middle Miocene Serravallian stage.__TOC__The Langhian is coeval with:
* mid-late MN5, a European Mammal Neogene stage; MN6 starts just before the Langhian-Serravallian boundaryPalaeos (2003)]
* latest Hemingfordian to the mid-Barstovian North American Land Mammal Ages
* mid-Relizian to Luisian Californian stages; the Luisian extends barely into the early Serravallian
* early-mid Badenian Central Paratethys stage
* Tozawan Japanese stage which runs barely into the early Serravallian
* late Batesfordian through Balcombian to early Bairnsdalian Australian stages
* mid-Cliffdenian to mid-Lillburnian New Zealand stages

Cartilaginous fish

Sharks, rays, skates and relatives
* Chlamydoselachidae: †"Chlamydoselachus tobleri"
* Hexanchidae: "Hexanchus griseus" (includes "H. andersoni" and "H. gigas"), "Hexanchus nakamurai" (includes "H. vitulus"), "Notorynchus cepedianus" (includes "N. kempi" and "N. primigenius")



* Cricetidae: †"Karydomys"
* Sciuridae: †"Palaeosciurus", ?"Ratufa"

ee also

* Middle Miocene disruption



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