Lenin (disambiguation)

Lenin (disambiguation)

Lenin can refer to:
*Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, Russian revolutionary and premier
*Icebreaker "Lenin", former Imperial Russian icebreaker "St Alexander Nevsky".
*NS "Lenin", a Soviet nuclear icebreaker.
* Steamship "Lenin", a Soviet steamship sunk in 1941 near Odessa
*Lenin former name of Çinarlı, Shamkir, Azerbaijan
*Leinin (sometimes spelled "Lenin" [http://www.oldirishpictures.com/historic%20names%20of%20places/historic%20names%20of%20places%20pages/HN032.shtml] ), father of five saintly daughters after whom the town of Killiney was named

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*List of places named after Lenin
*Lennon (disambiguation)
*linen (a type of textile)

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