Julius Hobson

Julius Hobson

Julius W. Hobson (May 29, 1922March 23, 1977) was the People's Party Vice Presidential candidate in 1972. Benjamin Spock was the People's Party Presidential candidate. They polled 0.1014% of the popular vote and no electoral votes. [cite web
title=American Presidential Elections 1932-2000
publisher=Encyclopædia Britannica

Hobson was also a "key early founder" of the D.C. Statehood Party. In 1971, he ran as a member of the party to be the District's delegate to the House of Representatives but lost to Democrat Walter E. Fauntroy.cite news
title=Fauntroy Election Certified
work=The Washington Post
] Hobson was elected in 1974 as one of the at-large members of the Council of the District of Columbia at its creation, and he served in that position until his death in 1977. [cite web
title=Historical Elected Officials: At-Large Member of the Council of the District of Columbia
publisher=District of Columbia Board of Elections and Ethics

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Hobson quotations from Sam Smith's "Captive Capital" [cite book
authorlink=Sam Smith (journalist)
coauthors= |editor= |others=
title=Captive Capital: colonial life in modern Washington
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On democracy: "In this country, you don't have any democracy really. You have the right to elect but not to select. For example, here's two people: you get to vote for one of them. But you didn't choose in the first place either of them. That's not democracy from what I understand."Fact|date=May 2008

On being a politician: "I am not a politician. A politician is someone who does things to get elected. He's a guy who says things to please the public, that he thinks the public wants to hear, and his story changes with every passing day. I want to be elected, but I am not going to say a damn thing for your benefit, or that person's benefit out there on the street, or anybody's."Fact|date=May 2008

On a local black minister: "I was asked to speak at his church one Sunday. I went over there and when I went there I looked over the congregation. I would say the average person in there had on a pair of Thom McAn shoes, that their suits cost an average $35 a piece, that their shirts were from Hechts basements and that they were very poor and very illiterate - almost illiterate - people who were emotionally shocked just came to the church to let out this scream. [The minister] took up a love offering, he took up a minister's travel offering and then he took up a regular - he took up five or six offerings. So when he got to me to speak, I got up and said, 'God d*** it, if this is christianity, I want no part of it.' And 'this s** of a b**** is stealing from you and the thing is, he's not just stealing your money, he's stealing your minds. And I refuse to be a part of this.' And I walked off."Fact|date=May 2008


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* [http://dclibrary.org/dcpl/cwp/view.asp?A=1264&Q=567171 "Guide to the Papers of Julius Hobson" Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library Washingtoniana Division]
* [http://www.search.eb.com/elections/etable3.html Election results (Encyclopedia Britannica)] Dead link|url=http://web.archive.org/web/20051217192837/http://search.eb.com/elections/etable3.html
date=May 2008

* [http://www.pogolaw.com/people-attorneys-profile-1060.html Julius W. Hobson, Jr. - Washington lobbyist]

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