A phase is one part or portion in recurring or serial activities or occurrences logically connected within a greater process, often resulting in an output or a change. Phase or phases may also refer to:

In science and engineering

* Phase (matter), a physically distinctive form of a substance, such as the solid, liquid, and gaseous states of ordinary matter
* Phase transition is the transformation of a thermodynamic system from one phase to another
* The initial condition of a cyclic phenomenon
**Phase (waves), initial angle of a sinusoid function at its origin
**Continuous Fourier transform, angle of a complex coefficient representing the phase of one sinusoidal component
* The current (time varying) state of a cyclic phenomenon
**Lunar phase, the appearance of the Moon as viewed from the Earth
**Planetary phase, the appearance of the illuminated section of a planet
**Instantaneous phase, generalization for both cyclic and non-cyclic phenomena
* Phase factor, a complex scalar in the context of quantum mechanics
* Polyphase system, a means of distributing alternating current electric power in multiple conducting wires with definite phase offsets
**Single-phase electric power
**Three-phase electric power Basics of three-phase electric power
**Three-phase Mathematics of three-phase electric power
* In biology, a part of the cell cycle in which cells divide and reproduce
*Phaser (effect), an audio effect.
*Archaeological phase, a discrete period of occupation at an archaeological site.

In fiction

* "Phases" ("Buffy" episode), an episode of the TV series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"
* Phases (.hack), fictional boss monsters from the .hack franchise
* Phase, an incarnation of the DC Comics character usually known as Phantom Girl
* Phase IV, a 1974 science fiction movie directed by Saul Bass


* A phase is a musical composition using Steve Reich's phasing technique.
* Phase (syntax), a syntactic domain hypothesized by Noam Chomsky
* Phase 10, a card game created by Fundex Games
* Phase (game), a music game for the iPod developed by Harmonix Music Systems
* Phase (combat) usually a period of combat within a larger military operation

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