Jack-Jack Parr

Jack-Jack Parr

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caption=Jack-Jack Parr/Jack-Jack Incredible
publisher=Dark Horse Comics/Pixar Animation Studios
debut="The Incredibles"
creators=Brad Bird
character_name=Jack-Jack Incredible
real_name=Jack-Jack Parr
alliances=Incredible Family (genetic member), National Supers Agency (ties), Edna Mode (receives costumes and gadgets from her), Frozone (long-time friend)
relatives=Robert "Bob" Parr (Mr. Incredible, father), Helen Parr (Mrs. Incredible, mother), Violet Parr (older sister), Dashiell Robert "Dash" Parr (older brother)
Levitation/Flying Shape-ShiftingTeleportation Superhuman Speed Intangibility Optic powers such as optic blasts and X-ray vision Psychokinesis Superhuman strength and Agility Possible Invulnerability Superhumanly Acute Senses Acidic Saliva Higher Intelligence/Omnilingualism Laser Eyes

Jack-Jack Parr is a fictional character in the Disney & Pixar motion picture "The Incredibles". He is the baby child of the superheroes Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, and the youngest of three siblings; the others are Dash and Violet.

"The baby of the Parr family, Jack-Jack is all unknown potential - a bundle of superhero possibilities."- Official Pixar Website

Fictional character biography

At the beginning of the movie, the other characters believe that he doesn't have any powers. It is only at the ending of the movie when they're displayed: distraught at being forcibly taken away from his mother, an infant Jack-Jack lashes out at a surprised Syndrome, who had kidnapped him, first by setting himself on fire, then becoming a lead weight, and finally a small devilish creature. Pixar also created the short film, "Jack-Jack Attack" that shows Jack-Jack discovering his powers while unleashing horror on his babysitter, Kari McKeen.

Jack-Jack normally communicates with subtle gestures and facial expressions.He usually speaks baby gibberish and can barely speak in human form—he only did so three times in the movie: first, when Lucius Best/Frozone rang the doorbell to the Parrs' home (he says "Hello?"), the second, during his confrontation with Syndrome; he threatened in his many transformations (most notably his monster form), to kill the villain, all while throwing a tantrum he cries "Jack-Jack down!" the infant fought and scrambled down Syndrome's leg. And third, at the end when Helen rescued Jack-Jack after being dropped by Syndrome (he coos, "Mama!").


Jack-Jack has auburn hair (that stands out in a line and does not need hair gel) and blue eyes. He stands 2ft 6in (0.76 m) tall, and weighs 25lbs (11kg).


Jack-Jack's wide diversity of powers (from the movie, the bonus video, and a poster included with the toys) resemble many other superhero powers from comic books and other sources, including:
*shape-shifting (Jack-Jack can change his form into fire, metal, or a monstrous demon-like, impish form. These are the three powers he uses in the film, and are all based on other superheroes: The Human Torch, Colossus, and the Incredible Hulk, respectively.)
*Silent teleportation. (He instantly shifts from place to place. The collectible poster indicates he does this via teleportation.)
*optic powers such as optic blasts and X-ray vision
*superhuman strength and agility
*possible invulnerability
*superhumanly acute senses
*acidic saliva (compare DC Comics' Matter Eater Lad)
*high intelligence/omnilingualism

His powers awakened during his time with the babysitter when she started playing Mozart music. His powers also seem to be references to the stories parents often tell each other about their babies seeming to be hard to catch and hold on to, disappearing as soon as you turn your back, being "little demons", exhibiting flaming temper tantrums, having differing levels of heaviness, "bouncing off the walls" and destroying the household. Jack-Jack's name might be a clue as to the extent of his powers; one might assume that it is a reference to "Jack-of-all-trades". It could however be a case of babies being "full of surprises" and is going through multiple powers before finally settling on one.

Fans have suggested that he solely possesses the power to shape shift. His many abilities are simply him "assuming the form of another superhero." So, he can have any power he chooses.

Edna Mode did not know what powers Jack-Jack would have, so she covered the basics by designing a fireproof and bulletproof, blanket sleeper-like jumpsuit for Jack-Jack. This can aid Jack-Jack when transforms into fire or metal. His jumpsuit won't burn up from the flames and becomes completely bulletproof when transforming into metal, hardening whatever part of his body that his suit doesn't cover, mainly (and probably only) his head, though in true Edna fashion also tells Helen that its "machine washable, darling; its a new feature"..

Other appearances

"Rise of The Underminer"

Helen, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack are told to evacuate Metroville after they are surrounded by The Underminer's robots, but the four return just in time to watch as Mr. Incredible and Frozone presumably kill The Underminer by crashing his machine onto a bigger machine, which creates an explosion.

"Holiday Heroes"

In the short comic, "The Incredibles in Holiday Heroes", Jack-Jack is briefly seen sleeping on Helen (acting as a hammock) when Mount Tiki Toki (where the family is vacationing) violently erupts. Violet is told to shield Jack-Jack from lava bombs while Bob, Helen, and Dash collect water to re-hydrate Lucius, who is being cooked by the extreme heat caused by the eruption. The episode forces the family to vacation someplace else.

"A Magic Kingdom Adventure"

They pick Walt Disney World instead. Jack-Jack's baby bag is found under the family van (Bob lifts the front end of the van and Helen stretches to pick it up) and Jack-Jack himself has to be taken out of his stroller when Helen finds out that he is not in his child safety seat. Upon arrival, the family is declared Grand Marshall for the Main Street Parade (against the wishes of both parents, who wanted the family to maintain a low profile). Jack-Jack is frightened by the sights that he sees in the Haunted Mansion. After Mickey and Minnie Mouse are captured by a Syndrome robot one minute into the Parade, Jack-Jack gets caught on a windmill in the "it's a small world" attraction, which forces Bob to tamper with it to free him. After the robot Syndrome is frozen in ice, Mickey and Minnie are liberated, and the Magic Kingdom is restored, the family goes to the Enchanted Tiki Room (Helen wanted to go there first, but the attraction is not very popular with the others).

Comic book influence

Jack-Jack closely resembles Franklin Richards, the son of Susan Storm and Reed Richards, in both looks, origin and superpowers. His mannerisms as shown in "Jack-Jack Attack" are very reminiscent of baby Superman in the DC Comics Elseworlds tale: "Letitia Lerner, Superman's Babysitter"

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