1C Company

1C Company
1C Company
Type Private company
Founded 1991
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Key people Boris Nuraliev (President)
Products Computer software, Video games
Employees 850
Website www.1c.ru

1C Company (Russian: Фирма "1С") is one of the largest independent Russian software developers and publishers. Its headquarters are in Moscow, Russia. It is best known outside of the former Soviet Union as a video game developer whose presence has come to dominate events like the KRI, and whose products have begun to show up for international platforms like the Xbox.[1] In the internal Russian market 1C is considered a leader in business software as well, however of the 13 tons of software they have been reported as shipping daily, 98% of it is game software.[1] 1C's comprehensive business software suite 1C:Предприятие (1C:Predpriyatiye, 1C:Enterprise) has held an overwhelming market share for over a decade. 1C is also a leader in localizing and publishing Russian-language versions of international software. For instance, more than half of popular Western video games are licensed and published by 1C. The company has over 700 employees, 10,000 business partners, 4,500 authorized retailers, 1,200 training centers, 200 authorized certification locations and over 280 stores in 100 cities.[2]



1C was founded in 1991 by Boris Nuraliev in Moscow, Russia. [3] The company goal was to provide a software solution to business owners giving them a system that required little or no accounting and development experience.

1C:Ino-Co, founded as Ino-Co, was acquired in 2007. Buka Entertainment was acquired in summer of 2008.[3] By 2009 1C owned and operated 280 stores with another 4000 franchises based on the 1C license in 600 locations across the former Soviet bloc,[1] and in February of the same year 1C merged with SoftClub (the largest Russian console game publisher and distibutor).[4]

Business software

While virtually unknown in the West, 1C:Предприятие (1C:Enterprise) is a market leader in Russia. The comprehensive suite, current version being 8.2.14, includes Accounting, Contact Management, Inventory Management, Document Management, Web Client, and more. The suite is used by tens of thousands of Russian corporations. 1C was one of the first Russian private companies to be awarded with the Russian Federation Government Award in Science in 2002 for development and implementation of 1C:Предприятие.

In October 2011 1C Company launches an international service for developers - 1C:Developer Network

1C also develops and distributes other popular applications from well-known Russian companies such as Kaspersky Lab, ABBYY, Promt and others.

Entertainment software

1C is perhaps the best known outside of Russia for developing the famous IL-2 Sturmovik line of flight sims that includes Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters. 1C has also developed Theatre Of War, a World War II land-based game published in the West by Battlefront.com; 1C has a long history of in-house development, as well as funding independent developers. 1C works as a publisher and producer with over 30 independent development studios and has produced over 100 projects for PC and consoles including titles like Hard Truck 2/King of the Road/Rig'n'Roll, Space Rangers, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II, Faces of War, Men of War series, Perimeter, Fantasy Wars, Death to Spies, King's Bounty: The Legend and King's Bounty: Armored Princess.

The company continues to develop new titles, with a 2010-2011 release plan that includes such titles as Men of War: Assault Squad and Men of War: Vietnam , Captain Blood, Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad.


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