List of places in Guatemala

List of places in Guatemala

A list of places in the nation of Guatemala:

Modern cities and important towns

* Amatitlán
* Antigua Guatemala
* Chichicastenango
* Chimaltenango
* Chinautla
* Chiquimula
* Cobán
* Escuintla
* Flores
* Guatemala City
* Huehuetenango
* Jalapa
* Livingston
* Mazatenango
* Mixco
* Panajachel
* Puerto Barrios
* Puerto San José
* Quetzaltenango
* Rabinal
* Retalhuleu
* San Cristobal City, Guatemala
* San Marcos
* Santa Cruz del Quiché
* Solola
* Villa Nueva
* Zacapa

Ancient cities and important ruins

* Aguateca
* Cancuen
* Dos Pilas
* El Baul
* Gumarcaj
* Iximche
* Kaminaljuyu
* Machaquila
* El Mirador
* La Joyanca
* Mixco Viejo
* Naranjo
* Nakbé
* Piedras Negras
* Quirigua
* Tikal
* Zapote Bobal

Natural Features

* Caribbean Sea
* Pacific Ocean
* Volcán de Agua
* Volcán de Fuego


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* List of national parks of Guatemala

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