Sink (disambiguation)

Sink (disambiguation)

Sink may refer to:

* Sink, a bowl-shaped fixture, usually made of porcelain or stainless steel, that is used for washing hands or small objects
* Sink (geography), an area of dry land below sea-level, for example the Salton Sink
* Sink (meteorology), can refer to an area such as a forest or even the ocean that absorbs greenhouse gases such as CO2
* sink (computing), in software engineering, an object implementing the event interface to receive incoming events
* Sink, a UK melodic hardcore punk band from the late 80s
* A plant sink is a storage center in plants to hold sugars, normally the roots of the plant. Sinks also occur at the growing tips of roots and stems and in developing fruits.
* Sink (game), the name of a game generally played by Discordians.
* In network theory, a sink refers to a node that receives more data than it sends
* In communication software, a sink enforces message policies
* In electromagnetic theory sink and source are respectively the termination or supply of current flow
* In ecology and agronomy, a sink is the destination of photosynthetic assimilates from the source
* In mathematics, a sink is used to describe a point that attracts rather than dissipates
* In system dynamics, a sink is a place where a flow of materials, raw materials and energies end its journey.
* Generally, a point of collection or disposal
** Heat sink, an environment or object capable of absorbing heat from another object with which it is in thermal contact
** Carbon dioxide sink, any storage of nutrients or a place of CO2 storage
*Robert Sink, led the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment during World War II

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