Media history of China

Media history of China
History of China
History of China
3 Sovereigns and 5 Emperors
Xia Dynasty 2100–1600 BCE
Shang Dynasty 1600–1046 BCE
Zhou Dynasty 1045–256 BCE
 Western Zhou
 Eastern Zhou
   Spring and Autumn Period
   Warring States Period
Qin Dynasty 221 BCE–206 BCE
Han Dynasty 206 BCE–220 CE
  Western Han
  Xin Dynasty
  Eastern Han
Three Kingdoms 220–280
  Wei, Shu and Wu
Jin Dynasty 265–420
  Western Jin 16 Kingdoms
  Eastern Jin
Southern and Northern Dynasties
Sui Dynasty 581–618
Tang Dynasty 618–907
  (Second Zhou 690–705)
5 Dynasties and
10 Kingdoms

Liao Dynasty
Song Dynasty
  Northern Song W. Xia
  Southern Song Jin
Yuan Dynasty 1271–1368
Ming Dynasty 1368–1644
Qing Dynasty 1644–1911
Republic of China 1912–1949
People's Republic
of China

Republic of
China (Taiwan)

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China's media history timeline from after World War II to the present which includes computer hardware and software development, history of internet, telecommunications etc.



  • A computer scientist and designer in China, Xia Peisu, edited the first article of computer theory.


  • China began making the first generation of electronic tube computer.
  • The first computer technical journal, Developments in Electronic Computers, started publication in Beijing.


  • The first computer technical conference was held in Shanghai.


  • Completed make first generation of electronic tube computer (the computers were not actually made from tubes)



  • A computer made in China (DJS-5) was sent abroad (to Japan) and exhibited to a foreign public for the first time.


  • The third generation of middle or small-scale integrated circuit computer (1973-1980).
  • The first large-scale integrated circuit computers, DJS-11 (or 150) and 655 (or TQ-6) went into operation.



  • Cangjie method: A system by which Chinese characters may be entered into the computer was invented by Chu Bong-Foo (朱邦復, pinyin: Zhū Bāngfù)



  • The first national conference on computer applications was held.
  • Powerful large scale computers and supercomputers were developed and manufactured and put to good use. Includes the Model 757 large-scale computer rated at 10 Mflops.
  • GB2312 Code of Chinese Graphic Character Set for Information Interchange-Primary Set. It contains 7445 graphic symbols, including 202 common symbols, 60 serial numbers, 22 digits, 52 Latin letters, 169 Japanese Katakana, 48 Greece letters, 66 Russian letters, 26 Chinese phonetic symbols, 37 Chinese phonetic alphabet and 6763 simplified Chinese characters. It could be used character communication systems.


  • The Shanghai Bureau of Education chose 8 elementary students and 8 middle-school students from each area, and gave them very basic computer training. This is the first experiment using a computer in Children's education.



  • In September, China sent out first email: "Across the Great Wall we can reach every corner in the world."



  • Prof. Werner Zorn from Karlsruhe University/Germany registered the Country Code Top Level Domain .CN.
  • Top/level Domain .cn was temporally located on the server at University of Karlsruhe, Germany.


  • NCFC connected to the Internet Since then, China has been officially recognized as a country with full functional Internet accessibility.
  • The High Energy Physics Institute, CAS, set up China's first web server and made the first set of web pages.
  • Dawn BBS, the first Bulletin Board System in the Chinese mainland was opened by National Research Center for Intelligent Computing Systems.


  • About 20% of the PC market was accounted for by home computers.
  • Directorate General of Telecommunications began to provide Internet accessing services from then on, the Internet began its commercialization process in China.



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