Harvey Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger

iba = yes
name = Harvey Wallbanger

caption =
type = cocktail
flaming =
vodka = yes
served = rocks
garnish = orange slice and maraschino cherry
drinkware = highball
ingredients = 4.5cl (3 parts) Vodka

1.5cl (1 part) Vanilla Galliano9cl (6 parts) Fresh orange juice
prep = Mix the vodka and orange juice in the glass, then float the Vanilla Galliano on top. Garnish and serve.

The Harvey Wallbanger is an alcoholic beverage or cocktail made with vodka, Galliano, and orange juice.

The Harvey Wallbanger was invented in 1952 by three-times world champion mixologist Donato 'Duke' Antone, the brother-in-law of New York state senator Carlo Lanzillotti. [Lacy, J (1967) 'Mixologist Face the World with Confidence' The Hartford Courant; Hartford CT] [Willis, J.C. (1973) Here's Practical Guide to Mixing Drinks: Hartford Times: Hartford Connecticut] [Ryan, B. (1972) 'An Engaging Class Knows the Latest in Libation' The Hartford Times: Hartford CT] [Linsley, C. (1972)'25 Years of New Bartenders' Hartford Times: Hartford CT.] [ [http://cocktails.about.com/od/atozcocktailrecipes/r/hrvy_wlbngr_ckt.htm Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail Recipe - Drink Recipe for a Harvey Wallbanger ] ]


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