Guy Allison

Guy Allison

Guy Allison (born Los Angeles, April 23rd, 1959) is an American composer, pianist and producer.


His first record deal was signed with a band called Lodgic on A&M Records in 1985. This band included Michael Sherwood, Billy Sherwood, Jimmy Haun and Gary Starnes. The band was discovered by the 80's group Toto and was subsequently produced by Toto members David Paich and Steve Porcaro (also credited are Greg Ladanyi and Tom Knox). Although the album "Nomadic Sands" failed to chart in the U.S., the first single "Lonely Man" was featured in the movie "Prince of Bel Air", starring Mark Harmon & Kirstie Alley.

In 1987, Allison was selected by Patrick Moraz to fill the second keyboardist chair for the Moody Blues, a position he held until 1990. While touring with the Moodies he was a member of World Trade signed to Polygram Records. Recording their progressive self-titled debut album in 1988, produced by Keith Olsen, this group included ex-Lodgic bandmate Billy Sherwood along with Bruce Gowdy and Mark Williams. While this band found moderate success, appearing on MTV and the Billboard Rock Charts, they subsequently broke up in 1990.

Members Billy Sherwood and Bruce Gowdy united with Tony Kaye, Alan White and Chris Squire (who is credited with a guest appearance on the World Trade record), and began experimenting with a new version of the progressive band Yes. This ultimately resulted in establishing the foundation for a long term creative relationship between Chris Squire, Yes and Billy Sherwood.

After the breakup of World Trade, Allison was tapped by Graham Russell to join Air Supply in the recording studio and ultimately on tour. This 7 year relationship generated 4 studio albums, 1 live album and 2 "best of" releases. Credited with co-writing 6 songs, 3 of these Allison/Russell co-compositions charted internationally.

During his time with Air Supply, he and ex-World Trade bandmate, Bruce Gowdy, formed the harder edge Unruly Child with singer Mark Free. Signed by Interscope Records and produced by Beau Hill in 1991, Unruly Child, (whose members included Larry Antonino and Asia's Jay Schellen) found cult status overseas yet remained undiscovered in the U.S. with the advent of the new Grunge bands like Nirvana.

After Unruly Child disbanded, Allison continued to tour with both Air Supply and Japanese artist Yazawa. He forged a musical relationship with other Yazawa touring members, John McFee and Keith Knudsen which led to recording work in 1996 with the Doobie Brothers. Allison, a touring and recording member of the Doobies since 1996, co-produced the Doobies most recent studio album, 2000's critically and commercially disastrous "Sibling Rivalry" on which he also co-wrote 3 tracks.

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Discography (incomplete)

*"Lodgic - Lodgic"
*"Gavin Christopher - Gavin
*"Don Henley - Building The Perfect Beast (uncredited on album)
*"Boz Scaggs - Other Roads
*"World Trade - World Trade
*"World Trade - Euphoria
*"Unruly Child - Unruly Child
*"Unruly Child - Waiting For The Sun
*"Unruly Child - UCIII
*"Unruly Child - The Basement Demos
*"Bobby Kimball - Rise Up
*"Glenn Hughes - Feel
*"Nick Kamen - Us
*"Peter Lewis - Peter Lewis
*"Air Supply - The Earth Is...
*"Air Supply - The Vanishing Race
*"Air Supply - News From Nowhere
*"Air Supply -
*"Air Supply - The Book Of Love
*"Air Supply - Forever Love
*"Air Supply - The Ultimate Collection
*"Empty Trash - Holiday in the Sun : Soundtrack (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen)
*"Yazawa - Subway Express
*"Yazawa - Subway Express 2
*"Yazawa - Lotta Good Time
*"L. Shankar - Shankar & Gingger - One In A Million
*"L. Shankar - Celestial Body
*"The Doobie Brothers -
*"The Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin'
*"The Doobie Brothers - Sibling Rivalry
*"The Doobie Brothers - Live at Wolf Trap

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