Annals of Mathematics

Annals of Mathematics

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editor = Jean Bourgain, David Gabai, Nick Katz, Peter Sarnak, Yakov Sinai, Gang Tian
discipline = mathematics
language = English
abbreviation = Ann. of Math.
publisher = Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study
country = United States
frequency = bimonthly
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The "Annals of Mathematics" (ISSN 0003-486X), abbreviated as "Ann. of Math." and often just called "Annals", is a bimonthly mathematics research journal published by Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study. It ranks amongst the most prestigious mathematics journals in the world by criteria such as citation intensity.

The journal began as "The Analyst" in 1874, founded and edited by Joel E. Hendricks. It was "intended to afford a medium for the presentation and analysis of any and all questions of interest or importance in pure and applied Mathematics, embracing especially all new and interesting discoveries in theoretical and practical astronomy, mechanical philosophy, and engineering". [cite journal|last=Hendricks|first=Joel E.|year=1874|title=Introductory remarks|journal=The Analyst|volume=1|issue=1|pages=1–2|quotes=no] It was published in Des Moines, Iowa, and was the earliest American mathematics journal to be published continuously for more than a year or two. [cite journal|last=Fiske|first=Thomas S.|authorlink=Thomas S. Fiske|title=Mathematical progress in America|year=1905|journal=Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society|volume=11|pages=238–246|quotes=no|url=|format=PDF|doi=10.1090/S0002-9904-1905-01210-6 Reprinted in "Bulletin (New Series) of the American Mathematical Society" 37 (1), 3–8, 1999.] This incarnation of the journal ceased publication after its tenth year, 1883, giving as an explanation Hendricks's declining health, [cite journal|last=Hendricks|first=Joel E.|year=1883|title=Announcement|journal=The Analyst|volume=10|issue=5|pages=159–160|quotes=no] but Hendricks made arrangements to have it taken over by new management, [cite journal|last=Hendricks|first=Joel E.|year=1883|title=Announcement|journal=The Analyst|volume=10|issue=6|pages=166|quotes=no] and it was continued from March 1884 as the "Annals of Mathematics". [cite journal | author = Raymond Garver | title = The Analyst, 1874-1883 | journal = Scripta Mathematica | volume = 1 | issue = 1 | year = 1932 | pages = 247–51]

The new incarnation of the journal was edited by Ormond Stone of the University of Virginia. It moved to Harvard in 1899 before reaching its current home in Princeton in 1911.

An important period for the journal was 1928-1958 with Solomon Lefschetz as editor. During this time, "Annals" became an increasingly well-known and respected journal. The rise of "Annals", in turn, stimulated American mathematics.

Princeton University continued to publish the "Annals" on its own until 1933, when the Institute for Advanced Study took joint editorial control. Since 1998 it has been available in an electronic edition, alongside its regular print edition. The electronic edition is available without charge, as an open access journal.

The current editors of the "Annals of Mathematics" are [] :
* Jean Bourgain, Institute for Advanced Study
* David Gabai, Princeton University
* Nick Katz, Princeton University
* Peter Sarnak, Princeton University
* Yakov Sinai, Princeton University.
* Gang Tian, Princeton University.

The associate editors are Mladen Bestvina, Tobias Colding, Gregory Margulis, Gopal Prasad, Bernd Sturmfels, and Kari Vilonen [] .

The Annals should not be confused with the "Mathematische Annalen", an unrelated German mathematical journal.


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