Tyrant (disambiguation)

Tyrant (disambiguation)

A tyrant is a despotic ruler or person.

Tyrant may also refer to:
* Tyrant (comics), a comic book character for Marvel Comics
* "Tyrant", a Star Destroyer in the fictional "Star Wars" universe
* Tyrant (Resident Evil), a monster from "Resident Evil (series)"
* Tyrant Virus, a fictional virus from "Resident Evil"
* Tyrant flycatchers, a family of birds
* Tyrant Records, a record label
* Tyrant, a character in the "City of Heroes" online roleplaying game
* "Blast Tyrant", an album by Clutch.
* "Tyrants", a partial title to the Mega Lo Mania video game as it was titled in the U.S.
* "Tyrant", a comic about a "Tyrannosaurus rex" by Steve Bissette
* "Tyrant", a song on the album "Sad Wings of Destiny" by heavy metal band Judas Priest
* "Tyrants", a song on the album "Sons of Northern Darkness" by black metal band Immortal
* Tyrant (band), A hard rock/heavy metal band from Tasmania, Australia
* Tyrant (Japanese band), A black metal band in Japan
* Tyrant (Swedish band)
* Tyrant (Novel), A novel by Christian Cameron
* Tyrant, a playable alien creature in the video game Tremulous.
*Tyrant Tea Club, a band
*Tyrant (Ultra monster),a Kaiju

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* Tyranny (disambiguation)
* Nicholas Robertson

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