Operation Eastern Exit

Operation Eastern Exit
Operation Eastern Exit
Somalia evac 1991.jpg
Operational scope Operation
Planned 1 January 1991
Objective Evacuate US embassy in Mogadishu Somalia
Outcome Successfully evacuated 281 diplomats and other evacuees

Operation Eastern Exit was the codename given to the military evacuation of the United States embassy in Mogadishu, Somalia. On 1 January 1991, after increasing violence in Mogadishu during the Somali Civil War, James Keough Bishop, the then US ambassador to Somalia, requested military assistance to evacuate the embassy.[1] Over the course of the subsequent nine days, the United States military including the USS Guam, the USS Trenton, the 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, Air Force AC-130s and Navy SEALs successfully evacuated 281 diplomats.[1]


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