Italian general election, 1996

Italian general election, 1996

An early national general election was held in Italy on April 21, 1996 to elect members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic. Olive Tree leader Romano Prodi won the election, narrowly defeating Silvio Berlusconi, who led the Pole of Freedoms.

For the election, the Northern League of Umberto Bossi ran alone, after having left the Berlusconi I government in 1994, causing a crisis who drove President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro to appoint a technocratic cabinet led by Lamberto Dini, which in turn lost its Parliamentary support in 1995, forcing Scalfaro to dissolve the Italian Parliament. The Communist Refoundation Party, led by Fausto Bertinotti, instead made a pre-electoral alliance with the Olive Tree, presenting its own candidates, supported by Prodi's coalition, mainly in some safe leftist constituencies, in exchange for supporting Olive Tree candidates on the other ones, and ensuring external support for a Prodi government.

National results

The intricate electoral system of Italy, nicknamed as "Mattarellum" (after Sergio Mattarella, who was the official proponent), provided a 75% of the seats on the Chamber of Deputies (the Lower House) as elected by uninominal system, whereas the remaining 25% was assigned on a proportional way with a minimum threshold of 4%.If possible, the method associate on the Senate is even more complicated: 75% of seats by uninominal method, and 25% by a special proportional method that actually assigns the remaining seats to minority parties.


Chamber of Deputies

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*it icon [ Minister of Internal Affairs of Italy: 1996 Election Results, Chamber of Deputies] (compressed ZIP file)
*it icon [ Minister of Internal Affairs of Italy: 1996 Election Results, Senate of the Republic] (compressed ZIP file)

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