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Henry Hazlitt (November 28, 1894July 8, 1993) was a libertarian philosopher, economist, [Greaves, Bettina Bien. "Henry Hazlitt: A Man for Many Seasons." "The Freeman". Foundation for Economic Education. November 1989. [http://www.fee.org/publications/the-freeman/article.asp?aid=3264] ] and journalist for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Newsweek, and The American Mercury, among other publications.


In childhood his family's finances were meager, his father having died when Henry was an infant, and he left college after a year and a half to become a journalist. He was credited with bringing Austrian economics to an English-speaking audience. Hazlitt was a prolific writer, authoring some 25 books in his lifetime. [Ludwig von Mises Institute, "Henry Hazlitt: A Giant of Liberty", pp. 20-27]


Hazlitt is well-known for his book "Economics in One Lesson", but he also wrote other books, among which are a major work on ethics, "The Foundations of Morality", and "The Failure of the New Economics", a detailed chapter-by-chapter critique of Keynes's "General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money" (of which he paraphrased a quote attributed to Samuel Johnson that he was "unable to find in it a single doctrine that is both true and original. What is original in the book is not true; and what is true is not original." In the preface to the "General Theory", Keynes had written: "Those who are strongly wedded to what I shall call 'the classical theory', will fluctuate, I expect, between a belief that I am quite wrong and a belief that I am saying nothing new. It is for others to determine if either of these or the third alternative is right.")


Hazlitt was the founding vice-president of the Foundation for Economic Education and an early editor of "The Freeman" magazine.

From 1997 to 2002 there was an organization called The Henry Hazlitt Foundation which actively promoted libertarian networking online, especially through its website Free-Market.Net. This organization was named in honor of Hazlitt because he was known for introducing a wide range of people to libertarian ideas through his writing and for helping free-market advocates connect with each other. For example, he introduced Ayn Rand to free-market circles in New York, and secured a position at New York University for Ludwig von Mises. It is important to note that the foundation was started after Hazlitt's passing and had no official connection with his estate.


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See [http://www.mises.org/hazlitt/hazlittbib.asp Bibliography of Henry Hazlitt] for complete list.

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