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Section1= Chembox Identifiers
SMILES=Cc3cccc2c1ccc (C(C)C)cc1ccc23

Section2= Chembox Properties
MeltingPt=98.5 °C
BoilingPt=390 °C

Section3= Chembox Hazards

Retene, methyl isopropyl phenanthrene or 1-methyl-7-isopropyl phenanthrene, C18H18, is a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon present in the coal tar fraction, boiling above 360 °C. It occurs naturally in the tars obtained by the distillation of resinous woods. It crystallizes in large plates, which melt at 98.5 °C and boil at 390 °C. It is readily soluble in warm ether and in hot glacial acetic acid. Sodium and boiling amyl alcohol reduce it to a tetrahydroretene, whilst if it be heated with phosphorus and hydriodic acid to 260 °C, a dodecahydride is formed. Chromic acid oxidizes it to retene quinone, phthalic acid and acetic acid. It forms a picrate which melts at 123-124 °C.

Retene is derived by degradation of specific diterpenoids biologically produced by conifer trees.

The presence of traces of retene in the air is an indicator of forest fires; it is a major product of pyrolysis of conifer trees. [ [ Unsolved Mysteries of Human Health] , Community Outreach and Education Program, Oregon State University] It is also present in effluents from wood pulp and paper mills.Fact|date=December 2007

Retene, together with cadalene, simonellite and ip-iHMN, is a biomarker of higher plants, which makes it useful for paleobotanic analysis of rock sediments. Ratio of retene/cadalene in sediments can reveal the ratio of the genus "Pinaceae" in the biosphere. [cite journal|journal=Geophysical Research Abstracts|volume=7|pages=10201|year=2005|title=Vascular plant biomarkers as ancient vegetation proxies and their stratigraphic use for tracing paleoclimatic changes during Jurassic in Western Europe|author=Y. Hautevelle, R. Michels, F. Malartre and A. Trouiller|url=|format=abstract]


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