List of Lepidoptera that feed on Brassica

List of Lepidoptera that feed on Brassica

"Brassica" species are used as food plants by the larvae of a number of Lepidoptera species including:

* Arctiidae
** Giant Leopard Moth ("Hypercompe scribonia")
** "Hypercompe abdominalis"
** "Hypercompe indecisa"
* Crambidae
** Cabbage Webworm ("Hellula rogatalis")
** Cross-striped Cabbageworm ("Evergestis rimosalis")
** Purplebacked Cabbageworm ("Evergestis pallidata")
* Geometridae
** Foxglove Pug ("Eupithecia pulchellata") - recorded on "Brassica" in Malta
** Garden Carpet ("Xanthorhoe fluctuata")
* Hepialidae
** Common Swift ("Korscheltellus lupulina")
** Ghost Moth ("Hepialus humuli")
* Noctuidae
** Alfalfa Looper ("Autographa californica") - Western US
** Angle Shades ("Phlogophora meticulosa")
** Beet Armyworm ("Spodoptera exigua")
** Cabbage Looper ("Trichoplusia ni")
** Cabbage Moth ("Mamestra brassicae")
** Garden Dart ("Euxoa nigricans")
** The Gothic ("Naenia typica")
** Heart and Club ("Agrotis clavis")
** Heart and Dart ("Agrotis exclamationis")
** Large Yellow Underwing ("Noctua pronuba")
** The Nutmeg ("Discestra trifolii")
** Setaceous Hebrew Character ("Xestia c-nigrum")
** Turnip Moth ("Agrotis segetum")
** Zebra caterpillar ("Ceramica picta")
* Pieridae
** Small White ("Pieris rapae")
** Large White ("Pieris brassicae")
** Southern Cabbageworm or Checkered White ("Pontia protodice")
* Plutellidae
** Diamondback Moth ("Plutella xylostella")


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