Topper may refer to:

* A top hat
* Harley-Davidson Topper, a motor scooter manufactured between 1960 and 1965
* A camper shell, a small housing mounted atop the rear bed of a pickup truck
* Topper (dinghy), a class of sailing dinghy
* A sign above an automatic teller machine, displaying who owns the machine, what networks it is affiliated with, etc.
* A sign above a slot machine, displaying game related artwork usually with chasing lights [ example picture for a gaming machine topper]

* Topper Headon, the drummer in the band The Clash
* Uwe Topper, a German researcher and author of books about history
* Chris Topper, British Puppeteer. See
* A shortening of the name Christopher

In entertainment:
* The Toppers were a vocal group that recorded for Jubilee Records
* Topper (books), a series written by Thorne Smith
* "Topper" (film), a 1937 film based on the Smith novels
* Topper (TV series), a 1950s television series based on the film series
* Topper (comic book), a British comics series
* "Topper", a minor character in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"
* "The Topper", a minor character in the comic strip "Dilbert"
* the nickname of Experiment 025, a character in "Lilo and Stitch: The Series"
* Topper (comic strip), a small strip published above or below another strip

* Topper (archaeological site), in South Carolina, United States
* Topper (sports), a sportswear brand in Argentina and Brazil
* Topper (Corporation), a company that manufactured several popular toys during the 1970s
* Nickname of athletes from Science Hill High School in Johnson City, Tennessee

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