New Series Adventures (Doctor Who)

New Series Adventures (Doctor Who)

The New Series Adventures are a series of spin-off novels based on the long-running BBC science fiction television series "Doctor Who" and published under the BBC Books imprint.

The range of books does not have an official name. Fans use the term "New Series Adventures" or "New Series Books" in order to distinguish them from other "Doctor Who" book ranges. Others further divide them into "Ninth Doctor Adventures" and "Tenth Doctor Adventures" although there is no distinction in format between the two. The current publishing schedule for the line, which has been in effect since publishing began in 2005, is three books released simultaneously in the spring, followed by three simultaneous publications in the autumn (Although the books make reference to events in the television series, they rarely make reference to each other, therefore the books can usually be read in any order. They have, however, Gallifreyan numerals on the spine indicating the suggested order. These numerals are hard to decipher - it has been suggested by some fans that they are not normal numbers so that potential buyers are not put off buying say the 6th book in the series). In "Doctor Who Files: The Doctor", there is a section on Gallifreyan numbers. The book illustrates a Base-7 number system instead of decimal or Base-10 system. For example on the novel "The Price of Paradise", the number on the spine can be translated to 000015 in Base-7 or in decimal it is Book 12. Inside the books, chapters are numbered in the same way, with the thirteenth chapter carrying the same image as the eleventh. Beginning in 2006, the line also added a novella published in the spring.

All releases to date in the New Series Adventures line (with the exception of the novellas "I Am a Dalek" and "Made of Steel") have been published first in hardcover. Two special edition boxsets, each containing ten novels have since been created for The Book People in paperback. In the case of the second box set some of the covers have been altered to remove Rose from them. In addition, there has also been a third box set of paperbacks for exclusive sale through Tesco supermarkets. It was published in between the two Book People box sets and contained "The Stone Rose" and "The Nightmare of Black Island" (both available in the first Book People box set) as well as "The Art of Destruction" (otherwise unavailable in paperback at the time) and a slightly different sized version of the novella "Made of Steel". The same hardcover format and three-at-a-time publishing schedule is being used for original novels based upon the spin-off series, "Torchwood".

Publication history

Ninth Doctor novels

With the revival of the television series, BBC Books retired its paperback Eighth Doctor Adventures and Past Doctor Adventures fiction lines in 2005 in favour of a new range of hardback books featuring the Ninth Doctor and Rose. These have a reduced word count compared to the EDA and PDA lines, with an average page count of about 250. (Initially, the EDA and PDA lines overlapped with the New Series Adventures; the final EDA, "The Gallifrey Chronicles", was published in June 2005, followed by the final PDA, "Atom Bomb Blues", a Seventh Doctor adventure, being published in December 2005.

The canonicity of Doctor Who spin-offs is open to interpretation, the 2005 series episode "Boom Town" makes a reference to the Doctor and Rose's trip to the Justicia system. This took place in "The Monsters Inside", making it the first spin-off novel to ever be explicitly referred to in the television series. All the Ninth Doctor novels except "Only Human" contain "Bad Wolf" references in common with the 2005 television series [The Clockwise Man: page 120, The Monsters Inside: page 136, Winner Takes All: page 22, The Deviant Strain: page 162, The Stealers of Dreams: page 113] . "Winner Takes All" also features the recurring characters Mickey Smith and Jackie Tyler; Jackie also makes a cameo appearance in "Only Human".

Unlike many of the BBC's earlier spin-off novels, no definite timeframe exists as to when each of the books take place, though the first three probably take place between "World War Three" and "The Empty Child". Of the latter three (which feature Captain Jack), "Only Human" and "The Deviant Strain" take place between "The Doctor Dances" and "Boom Town", while "The Stealers of Dreams" takes place after "Boom Town" as the events of that episode are referenced, although on-screen dialogue in the episode "Bad Wolf" makes it a challenge to place this novel into the show's continuity.

The first books in the series were popular in the UK. The books were not initially available in North America, but became sporadically available in the late summer; in Canada, the books were not carried by the same distributor as the BBC Books paperbacks, and were initially available only through comic book shops and online retailers when Diamond Comic Distributors took up the contract.

During 2005, the New Series Adventures featuring the Ninth Doctor were published concurrently with the paperback Eighth Doctor and Past Doctor Adventures series. However, following the publication of the Past Doctor Adventure "Atom Bomb Blues" (featuring the Seventh Doctor) in November 2005, no new paperback releases were announced, with BBC Books choosing to focus on the New Series Adventures exclusively as the books moved on to featuring the Tenth Doctor.

Tenth Doctor novels

With the departure of Christopher Eccleston from the role of the Doctor, BBC Books subsequently announced the publication of three novels featuring the Tenth Doctor and Rose, released on April 13 2006. These books follow the same style and format as those featuring the Ninth Doctor, with a continuation of the spine numbering. Range consultant and commissioning editor Justin Richards told "Doctor Who Magazine" that there would be no Ninth Doctor novels in 2006, and the decision as to whether to continue to publish stories with the Ninth Doctor as a separate range has not yet been taken.

Abridged audiobooks were released of all of the Tenth Doctor titles (except the Quick Read series). The first three are narrated by David Tennant (who plays the Tenth Doctor), and were released on 3 July 2006. The Nightmare of Black Island (read by Anthony Head), The Art of Destruction (read by Don Warrington), and The Price of Paradise (read by Shaun Dingwall), were released in November 2006.

In a talk in July 2006, Richards also said that the new series books would continue now that the BBC Books imprint has been taken over by Random House, although he does not know whether he will be continuing in his role. He also discussed how authors for the new series books have been chosen carefully to protect spoilers about the television series from leaking out. He said that "The Stone Rose" was the fastest selling title so far.

Two books in this series, "I Am a Dalek" and "Made of Steel", were novellas published in paperback as part of a series of books intended to inspire literacy. "Made of Steel" features new companion Martha Jones and was in fact published before the character made her television debut ("Smith and Jones"). It is also the first New Series Adventure to be written by Terrance Dicks, a longtime veteran of "Doctor Who" and former writer for the original series, who will have now written novels for every line of "Doctor Who" fiction with the exception of the Telos novellas. According to Doctor Who Magazine, a further three books will be released on Boxing Day 2007.old fact

Despite the character of Martha Jones having left the television series at the end of the 2007 season (although she subsequently appeared in several episodes of the 2008 season), the novels scheduled for the spring of 2008 continue to feature her as a companion, rather than featuring the Doctor's new companion, Donna Noble. Noble, however, is to be featured beginning in the novels scheduled for release in autumn 2008, although an additional novel featuring Martha Jones has also been announced. [ [] ]

In the New Year (2009) there are 4 books (1 Quick Read) announced, that feature the 10th Doctor without a TV series companion.

Audio Stories

Starting with Stone Rose, all New Series Adventures featuring the Tenth Doctor have been released as abridged audiobooks a few months after the paper version was released. The first three were narrated by David Tennant but since then each book has been narrated by a different member of the supporting cast, only three people have narrated more then one audiobook in the range. Freema Agyeman and Will Thorp(who despite appearing in a Doctor/Rose television story "The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit has only narrated Doctor/Martha stories.) and David Tennant.In 2008 the first Audio only story 'Pest Control' was released. This marked the return of David Tennant as narrator and also featured ambient music and limited sound effects. A further audiobook 'The Forever Trap' is scheduled to be released in October.

Canonicity in relation to the TV series

:"See also: Whoniverse"

As with other "Doctor Who" spin-offs, the canoncity of the New Series Adventures novels remains open to interpretation, or a "grey area" as often cited in fandom, as the BBC and series producers have never made an official announcement regarding what is considered canon in Doctor Who. The episode "Boom Town", however, was the first televised episode to include direct reference to the events of a novel, specifically the New Series Adventures release, "The Monsters Inside", which would subsequently be alluded to again in "The Sarah Jane Adventures" stories "Revenge of the Slitheen" and "The Lost Boy".

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