name = Treepies

image_caption = Grey Treepie
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Aves
ordo = Passeriformes
familia = Corvidae
subdivision_ranks = Genera
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The treepies comprise four closely related genera ("Dendrocitta, Crypsirina, Temnurus" and as of recently also "Platysmurus") of long-tailed passerine birds in the family Corvidae. They are highly arboreal and rarely come to the ground to feed.


Following Ericson "et al." (2005), the Black Magpie is placed with the treepies:

* Genus "Dendrocitta"
** Grey Treepie, "Dendrocitta formosae"
** Rufous Treepie, "Dendrocitta vagabunda"
** Black-faced Treepie, or Collared Treepie, "Dendrocitta frontalis"
** Sumatran Treepie, "Dendrocitta occipitalis"
** Bornean Treepie, "Dendrocitta cinerascens"
** White-bellied Treepie, "Dendrocitta leucogastra"
** Andaman Treepie, "Dendrocitta bayleyi"
* Genus "Crypsirina"
** Black Racket-tailed Treepie, "Crypsirina temia" (formerly "Dendrocitta")
** Hooded Treepie, "Crypsirina cucullata"
* Genus "Temnurus"
** Ratchet-tailed Treepie, "Temnurus temnurus"
* Genus "Platysmurus"
** Black Magpie "Platysmurus leucopterus"


* Ericson, Per G. P.; Jansén, Anna-Lee; Johansson, Ulf S. & Ekman, Jan (2005): Inter-generic relationships of the crows, jays, magpies and allied groups (Aves: Corvidae) based on nucleotide sequence data. "Journal of Avian Biology" 36: 222-234. [ PDF fulltext]

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* [ Treepie videos] on the Internet Bird Collection

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