Gauntlet (newspaper)

Gauntlet (newspaper)

name = The Gauntlet
motto = "Rage provides arms"
type = Weekly Student Newspaper
format = Tabloid
foundation = 1960
publisher = Gauntlet Publication Society
headquarters = Calgary, Alberta
owners = Students' Union (operates autonomously)
editor = Jon Roe
website = [ The Gauntlet]

The "Gauntlet" is a campus newspaper published by the Gauntlet Publications Society in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It has a circulation of 8,000 and is the official student newspaper of the University of Calgary. It publishes most Thursdays throughout the year.

Regular Sections

* News: Coverage of student-related issues and events.
* Opinions: Editorial, columns and letters.
* Entertainment: Articles and reviews of theatre, books, films and music.
* Sports: Features coverage of the University of Calgary's sports teams, the Dinos.
* Features: In-depth articles.
* Academic Probation (AP): The humour section.
* Three Lines Free (TLFs): More than just a classified section, it is a place for the greater student community to say a few words.
* Escapes & Pursuits (E&P): The events listing.


* 1960: Gauntlet founded by Maurice Yacowar, replacing the existing CalVar one-sheet, publishing its first issue September 28, 1960. Despite Yacowar wanting to name the paper himself, the Students' Union insisted it be up to students and proposed a contest. All entries in the contest were submitted by Yacowar, who ended up naming the paper "The Gauntlet" anyway. [ [ Gauntlet Opinions - Yacowar and his legacy ] ]
* 1961: Yacowar removed as editor by Students' Union in February over a story in the literary supplement containing the line, "He came into her, and it was good." In April, Gauntlet editor Alan Arthur starts the U of C's Bermuda Shorts Day tradition after writing "Wear shorts tomorrow" on a chalkboard.
* 1969 & 1974: During both these years, The Gauntlet was shut down by the Students' Union over editorial content issues and replaced with a substitute paper, The Medium. Both times, there was significant overlap between the staff of both publications and subsequently The Medium was replaced by The Gauntlet by the beginning of the next school years.
* 1978: Gauntlet achieves autonomy from Students' Union.
* 2004: Gauntlet comes under fire for publishing nude photo as part of Sexual Awareness Week coverage.

Editorial History

*2008-09: Jon Roe
*2007-08: Chris Tait
*2006-07: Chris Beauchamp
*2005-06: Dale Miller
*2004-05: Ben Li
*2003-04: Lawrence Bailey
*2002-03: Kris Kotarski
*2001-02: Michael LeungCo-Editors
*2000-01: Jan Creaser & Evan Osenton
*1999-2000: Anne-Marie Bruzga & Colin Gallant
*1998-99: Cheri Hanson & Robert Wright
*1997-98: Kevin Rothbauer & Lisa Skierka
*1996-97: Jonathan L. Stade & Tyler Stiem
*1995-96: William Ho & Siobhan Thomas
*1994-95: Carey du Gray & Robert Tarry
*1993-94: Marzena Czarnecki & Jim Flannery
*1992-93: Bob Barnetson & Shelagh Peirce
*1991-92: Lori Montgomery & Nikki Sheppy
*1990-91: Carrie Hoffman & Robert Jobst
*1989-90: Val Fortney & Phil Rodrigues
*1988-89: Ken Schmaltz & David Gazard
*1987-88: Andrew Penner & Laura Lind/Tony Smith
**Lind was co-editor for the summer issues; Smith was co-editor for rest of year
*1986-87: Dave Parkinson & Bob Armstrong
*1985-86: Nitin Makerikar & Andrew SparlingEditor-In-Chief
*1961-62: Alan Arthur
*1960-61: Maurice Yacowar


External links

* [ The Gauntlet]

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