Elastigirl (The Incredibles)

Elastigirl (The Incredibles)


caption=Close-up of Elastigirl
publisher=Dark Horse Comics/Pixar Animation Studios
debut="The Incredibles"
creators=Brad Bird
real_name=Helen Parr (maiden surname Truax)
spouse=Bob Parr (husband)
children=Violet Parr
Dash Parr
Jack-Jack Parr
alliances=Incredible Family National Supers Agency
powers=full-body elasticity

Helen Parr (superhero name Elastigirl) is a fictional character created by director Brad Bird for the 2004 animated film "The Incredibles" produced by Pixar. She is the wife of Mr. Incredible, also known as Bob Parr, and in one scene she is (almost) called "Mrs. Incredible" by Mirage. The character's voice is provided by actress Holly Hunter and E.G. Daily in the video game.

"The mother of three, Helen knows it takes superhuman skills to be a mom and hold the family together. The flexibility that made her famous in her crime-fighting glory years is put to the test in her suburban life with all its challenges and surprises." - Official Pixar Website

The movie

Elastigirl gets introduced to the audience as a lithe superheroine (or "super") who is able to stretch herself (a la Plastic Man or Mister Fantastic) in excess of 30 m (98 ft).

Later, she marries Mr. Incredible, taking his last name ‘Parr’ (her maiden name is Truax), and having three children: Violet , Dash and Jack-Jack.

After the 'supers' are outlawed and go to ground Elastigirl, as Helen Parr, becomes a homemaker with a sharp personality that keeps the Parr family together as they adjust to a normal life. She does use her super powers in private to control her rowdy family.

Helen discovers that her husband Bob is sneaking out trying to solve crimes with Frozone (saying they are going bowling). This causes a fight between Helen and Bob.

Helen finds a piece of platinum blond hair on his clothes and becomes supicious of him. When she hears her husband talking on the phone to a woman (Mirage), she becomes even more suspicious, finally learning that he is in danger. She goes to Edna Mode and obtains her and her family's new supersuits, and then goes off to save Bob. She borrows a jet from her long-time friend Snug Porter, and finds Violet and Dash stowed away. When Violet is unable to use her force field to save them from an attack Helen uses her elastic form to shield the children from the explosion, become a parachute and finally transform into a lifeboat, with Dash as the outboard propeller. Upon reaching Nomanisan Island, where Bob is being held, not only does she have to bolster Violet's confidence by telling her that she has more power than she realizes and that she just has to believe it, but she also has to warn both Violet and Dash that the bad guys that the two will be fighting are even more merciless than the ones in Saturday morning cartoons, and for once she allows Dash to run as fast as he can. She then leaves the two in the cave and goes off to rescue Bob.

On the way to the prison cell holding Bob, she grabs onto an overhead monopod (and sees the aircraft hangar through which the family will escape with an RV and a rocket), but is almost run over by another. She sees another rocket holding a battle robot codenamed the Omnidroid 9000, the lift-off of which almost annihilates Violet and Dash. Later, she feels unhappy with her body after she takes a look at herself in a freshly polished hallway mirror and see how her new skintight suit is fitting, with the very critical eye that women have on their bodies. (It should be noted that Helen's figure lost its former shape and got plumper in her buttocks along the course of all three of her pregnancies and 15 years of forced inactivity.) Despite being "out of shape" and with her extended leg and torso pinned by doors that close on them, she manages to take out five guards (two in an elevator by punching one and using his gun as a club on the other, kicks the third when he curiously prods her leg with the muzzle of his own machine gun, and when a stray bullet from that gun destroys the key card reader that holds the door shut, uses her hips and thighs to accidentally take out the rest; she then hides their bodies in a weapons locker but struggles with the door). After freeing herself, she finally reaches the cell, where she sees Bob hugging Mirage, causing her to believe that he is having an affair. After Helen knocks Mirage out, she escapes with her husband and they meet up with their children in the forest, but for a while are literally flattened by their newfound tag-team attack, the IncrediBall (named in the video game).

However, Syndrome stops them with his zero-point energy beam. They escape, however, when Violet floats over to the controls of their holding cell with a force field. When they get to the hangar, there are no jets around, only an RV, the occupants of which Mr. Incredible knocks out. Dash suggests using a rocket, but Helen does not know how to fly one. Violet tells her to "just use the coordinates for the last launch." Mirage gives the family a new password (it was originally "Kronos", but Bob/Mr. Incredible is certain Syndrome changed it when he caught Bob.) As the family returns to Metroville (where the Parrs and Bests reside), Helen acts as a harness ("How are you doing, honey?" "Do I have to answer?"), until Violet detaches the framework on Bob's command. As Bob drives the family to the financial district, he and Helen argue over directions. Upon arrival, Bob confesses his weakness to Helen, and she tells him that he will not have to be any stronger if they work together ("I don't know what will happen." "Hey, we're superheroes. What can happen?"). After that, the RV is crushed by the Omnidroid, which Syndrome had unleashed only to be betrayed by it and Violet is briefly knocked unconscious protecting herself and Dash, but Bob saves them. From then on, the family and Frozone stop the Omnidroid and goes back home. There, the family stops Syndrome from kidnapping Jack-Jack. Syndrome is apparently killed when his cape is sucked into the turbine of his private jet and Violet saves the family from being crushed by falling plane wreckage which totals their home ("That's my girl."). Three months later, the family can be seen at the racetrack for Dash's school. They do not become the Incredibles until The Underminer, an obese and unclean supervillain, threatens the world for the first time.


In her younger days, Elastigirl is very adamant about breaking into a man’s world (that is, world of supers). She also doesn’t feel her future lies in marriage, as she believes that marriage will cramp her style. Yet, she flirts with her competition, Mr. Incredible anytime they meet one another while patrolling the city of Metroville. This eventually leads to their marriage.Fact|date=September 2007

Elastigirl as a housewife has a sharp wit and cares for her family's well-being. She wants to make them happy, but is concerned that nobody finds out that they're superheroes. While she can sometimes be a little irritable, she clearly cares for her family and is very upset when she thinks Bob is cheating on her. She usually tries to remain composed for the sake of her family, though she can get panicked under pressure. The movie reveals her to be an experienced jet pilot, demonstrated when she is flying a jet she borrowed from an old friend, and using flawless pilot's radio jargon. It is not revealed where she learned this skill. She tries to hide her 'mission' to save Bob from Violet and Dash, but they quickly discover the truth on their own. She is often more authoritative than Bob, who is often too distracted to be substantially authoritative.


Helen is charming and witty. She stands 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) tall and weighs 125lbs (57kg). She had long auburn hair (cropped shorter as a house wife) and brown eyes. Of slender build and broader hips in her glory years, in middle age, she got a little robust and additional weight has settled in her buttocks, hips and thighs, much to her chagrin.

Character information

:"Information is taken from the movie and the bonus material from the DVD."

Unlike other stretching superheroes, Elastigirl's volume remains constant (congruent with being created by animators who are more concerned with the technicalities of "Squetching" (Squashing and Stretching), as opposed to comic artists). Therefore, she is bound in her stretching ability, unlike Plastic Man or Mr. Fantastic. Her minimum thickness is stated as 1 mm, which would limit her stretch distance to 30 meters; however, the Operation Kronos database states that she can stretch up to 300 feet (91.44 m) and leap up to 80 feet (24.39 m).

As part of stretching, Elastigirl displays some amount of invulnerability. Forced stretching, even under several tons of load, appears to cause discomfort but no permanent or even temporary harm. A high degree of protection is also afforded by her super suit. Combined with flexibility, this should make her immune to bullets, though this is never demonstrated save when she is caught by doors while sneaking into Syndrome's compound and manages to have a ricochet of bullets deflected from hitting her leg by her boots. She can be knocked out by blunt force, however, as demonstrated by the destruction of a plane carrying her, Violet, and Dash on board.

The stretching demonstrated in the movie implies abnormal strength as a secondary power. She displays throwing, gripping, and punching far beyond that of a gymnast capable of equivalent moves. She can use her elasticity to throw objects with far more force than her slight stature would imply; in one scene, she supports the weight of a van during a rocket flight. Her strength is nowhere near that of her husband, however.

She has also shown the ability to shapeshift with her elasticity. An example of this is when she transformed into a boat to get her children, Violet and Dash, to shore.

Her elasticity hasn't change through age, but her strength, stamina and reflexes diminished a little in her middle age. This can be noted when she get easily trapped at the automatic doors.

Elastigirl's hair is not seen to stretch. It is not known whether this is impossible, or whether she simply does not bother with such a body part.

No origin is given for her or her powers, and only very little backstory tells much about her. It is presumed that her power is a birth trait, as with all other explicitly-stated superpowers in the Incredibles Universe.

As personal traits, Helen Parr is an accomplished pilot and displays deduction skills and cunning. She operated with a willful, almost stubborn independence, at least until her forced retirement.

The Operation Kronos database assigned Elastigirl a threat rating of 6.2 and termed her a "moderate threat". It listed her whereabouts as "unknown" and the date of her last appearance as 13.11.55 (i.e., November 13, 1955). If this corresponds to her wedding date, this would place the events of the film (which occur fifteen years later) in approximately 1970. The date of November 13, 1955 may be a homage to the film "Back to the Future", it being the day after Marty McFly returned to 1985. The opening scenes of "Back to the Future Part III" take place on November 13, 1955.

Events after the movie


Helen, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack are told by Bob to evacuate Metroville after they are surrounded by The Underminer's robots, but the four return just in time to watch as Mr. Incredible and Frozone presumably slay the Underminer by crashing his machine onto a bigger machine, the Underminer's Corrupterator, which creates an explosion.

"Holiday Heroes"

In this short comic, she is seen acting as a hammock for Jack-Jack to sleep on just before the volcano on Mount Tiki Toki, where the family is vacationing, erupts. Helen shapes herself into a bowl to collect water for Lucius, who is rapidly being dehydrated by the heat caused by the eruption. The incident forces the family to vacation somewhere else.

"A Magic Kingdom Adventure"

They choose the Walt Disney World Resort, where the family is made Grand Marshall for the Main Street Parade upon arrival (much to the parents' , as they wanted the family to maintain a low profile). It is she who picks the Enchanted Tiki Room first, but her pick is unpopular with the others. Helen gets frustrated when Bob's simple-mindedness tampers with a jungle cruise (twice) and the Big Thunder Mountain runaway mine train ride. Minutes later, she decides to go to the Haunted Mansion, where she and Bob encounter ghostly versions of themselves. In several situations (first, Helen finds that Jack-Jack is still in his stroller, and later, when she lifts the extremely tall portrait in the Haunted Mansion), she actually forgets that they are vacationing incognito. After a robot Syndrome takes Mickey and Minnie Mouse captive one minute into the Parade, the family turns to Edna Mode for their super-suits. Helen has second thoughts on her own (saying that "it's so… red"). She reluctantly exhibits the functions of her super-suit after undergoing forced stretching on her arm and leg. At the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, Helen gets frustrated with Bob's liberating pirate prisoners from their cell ("Bob, you've done it again!"), but the robot Syndrome soon reprograms all of the pirates to attack the family. It is not until "after" the defeat of the Syndrome robot and the liberation of Mickey and Minnie that the family goes to the Enchanted Tiki Room.


*In addition to Holly Hunter, Helen Parr is voiced by the following voice actresses:
**Amy Kwok in the Cantonese version
**Katrin Fröhlich in the German version
**Smaragda Karyde in the Greek version
**Beatriz Berciano in the Castilian Spanish version
**Consuelo Duval in the Latin American Spanish version
**Juana Molina in the Argentine Spanish version
**Deborah Perret in the French version
**Gubás Gabi in the Hungarian version
**Laura Morante in the Italian version
**Hitomi Kuroki in the Japanese version
**Dorota Segda in the Polish version
**Márcia Coutinho in the Brazilian Portuguese version
**Sara Lindh in the Swedish version
**Rakshanda Khan in the Indian version
*In "A Magic Kingdom Adventure", Helen is played by Dora Vikar. Hunter, however, does not provide the voice.

Bonus content

*According to the deleted scenes, Helen had a nightmare in which her husband was having an affair with many blond-haired women while she was being washed in the washing machine. There was also a deleted scene where Snug, her pilot friend, was the one piloting the plane and died when the plane was obliterated. In the alternate opening, she is seen protecting her child (presumably an infant Violet) by lecturing on how dangerous her pre-maternal job was. However, Bob unwittingly creates a distraction (by "chopping off" his fingers with a steak knife and using ketchup as blood) and the three drove away.

*Her file in National Supers Agency records state that the NSA wanted her to lead a new superhero team: Heroes, Inc. However, she turned down their offer, saying that she "preferred her freedom." In the audio file included, she can be heard complaining about the poor quality of her supersuits, which are eventually stretched out so badly that they make her "look like a house frau", and she says that she wants a good line of action wear that can completely recover from her constant stretching—in fact, she's been broke investing in stretching Super-Suits. Rick Dicker, a member of the NSA, tells her to turn to Edna Mode, the only person qualified to solve Elastigirl's wardrobe malfunction.

Comic book influence

Elastigirl's looks and name comes from Elasti-Girl of DC Comics' Doom Patrol; in merchandising, Helen Parr appears exclusively as "Mrs. Incredible" so as not to infringe on DC's copyright.

Elastigirl has the superpowers of Reed Richards and the personality and fighting skills of Susan Storm

Her powers are also similar to those of Plastic Man and The Elongated Man of the DC Universe.

Heroes, Inc. are named after Kickers, Inc., and resemble the Suicide Squad, with the NSA playing the part of Project Cadmus and Checkmate.

imilar characters

*The "Drawn Together" episode "Captain Hero's Marriage Pact" features a character called Unusually Flexible Girl, who is a parody of Elastigirl.


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