Acharya Vidyasagar

Acharya Vidyasagar

Acharya Vidyasagar (आचार्य विद्यासागर) is the best known of the modern Digambar Jain Acharyas of the modern times.


He was born as Vidyadhar, Oct.10, 1946 on sharad Purnima in Sadalga, Dist. Belgaum, Karnataka. His father was Shri Mallappa , who later became Muni Mallisagar and eventually attained samadhi. His mother Shrimati later became Aryika Samayamati, who has also attained samadhi.

He was initiated a monk by Acharya Gyansagarji, who belonged to the lineage of Acharya Shantisagar, in Ajmer in 1968. He was elevated to the Acharya status in 1972.


An expert in classical (Sanskrit and Prakrit) and several modern languages, Hindi, Marathi and Kannada), he has been a prolific author in Hindi and Sanskrit. Several researchers have studied his works for masters and doctoral degrees. His works include:

* Sanskrit texts: Niranjana Shataka, Bhavana Shataka, Parishah Jaya Shataka, Suniti Shataka and Shramana Shataka.

* Hindi epic: Mukamati.

* Verse translations of classics: Yogasara, Ishtopadesha, Samayasar (Kundakunda ka Kundan), Gomatesh thudi etc.

* Verse translation of Samana suttam

Other Activities

He has initiated more than 125 monks, a number unmatched in the past 9 centuries. Two of his brothers, Muni Yogasagarji and Muni Samaysagarji also followed him and were initiated as Muni(Monk) by Acharya Vidyasagarji.

Because he is a wandering monk, he has no fixed address, except for the chaturmasa four months in the rainy season). 2008 chaturmas is now going on in Ramtek, Dist. Nagpur, Maharastra.

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today acharya vidyasagar ji is stationed at vidisha 55 km from Bhopal m.p.

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