First Chinese domination (History of Vietnam)

First Chinese domination (History of Vietnam)

The first Chinese domination was one of the first phases in Vietnamese history, during which the Vietnamese people repeatedly defended their country against Chinese expansion from the north.

Was the Trieu dynasty a period of Chinese domination?

There is a dispute as to whether the period of the Trieu dynasty was part of the first Chinese domination of Vietnam. See Trieu dynasty for details.

After the Trieu dynasty

In 111 BC, the Han Dynasty armies defeated the successors of Zhao Tuo (Vietnamese: Triệu Đà), the founder of Nam Việt (Nanyue), and incorporated this country into the Han empire, dividing the former kingdom into nine commanderies: [ [ Google Books result] ]

#Nanhai (; Vietnamese: Nam Hải; located in Lingnan, modern central Guangdong)
#Hepu (; Vietnamese: Hợp Phố; located in Lingnan, modern southern coastal Guangxi)
#Cangwu (; Vietnamese: Thương Ngô; located in Lingnan, modern eastern Guangxi)
#Yulin (/; Vietnamese: Uất Lâm; located in Lingnan, probably Guilin, modern northeastern Guangxi)
#Zhuya (; Vietnamese: Châu Nhai; located on Hainan)
#Dan'er (; Vietnamese: Đạm Nhĩ; located on Hainan),
#Jiaozhi (; Vietnamese: Giao Chỉ; located in northern Vietnam and part of southern Guangxi)
#Jiuzhen (; Vietnamese: Cửu Chân; probably located in central Vietnam)
#Rinan (; Vietnamese: Nhật Nam; probably located in central Vietnam)

All nine districts were administered from Long Biên, near modern Hanoi. [Taylor 63]

The Hans were anxious to extend their control over the fertile Red River Delta, in part to serve as a convenient supply point for Han ships engaged in the growing maritime trade with South and Southeast Asia. During the first century or so of Chinese rule, Vietnam was governed leniently, and the Lạc lords maintained their feudal offices. In the first century A.D., however, the Han Dynasty intensified its efforts to assimilate its new territories by raising taxes and instituting marriage reforms aimed at turning Vietnam into a patriarchal society more amenable to political authority.

In response to increased Chinese domination, a revolt broke out in Giao Chỉ, Cửu Chân, and Nhật Nam in 39, led by Trưng Trắc, the wife of a Lạc lord named Thi Sách who had been put to death by Tô Định governor of Giao Chỉ, and her sister Trưng Nhị. The Trưng Sisters took over 65 cities. The two sisters were crowned the queens of Vietnam in 40, ending the first Chinese domination of Vietnam.



* Taylor, Keith Weller. (1983). The Birth of Vietnam. ISBN 0-520-07417-3

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