Cuisine of Belgium

Cuisine of Belgium

Belgium is the nation of "Gourmands" rather than "Gourmets" which translates into "big cuisine" rather than "fine cuisine". In reality this means that along with big portions, you get pretty good quality and a kind of unpretentiousness. The word "Gourmandise" originally meant gluttony, but like in France it has taken over the above meaning. It is often said Belgium serves food with the quantity of Germany and the quality of France ["Michael Jackson's Great Beers of Belgium", Michael Jackson, ISBN 0-7624-0403-5] .

"French" fries, which the Belgians invented, are very popular. They are called "frieten" in Dutch or "frites" in French. The best place to enjoy Belgian frites is at a "frituur" ("friterie" in French or informally "frietkot" in Dutch) which is a temporary construction usually strategically placed in busy squares.

Another Belgian speciality is beer ["Michael Jackson's Great Beers of Belgium", Michael Jackson, ISBN 0-7624-0403-5] . Although a comparatively small country, there are a large number of beers available in a range of different styles. Almost every different beer has its own unique drinking vessel, usually a glass of some description. Several home and restaurant dishes use typical Belgian beers.

Typical dishes

*"Mosselen-friet/moules frites": mussels and chips.
*"Konijn in geuze/lapin à la gueuze": rabbit in geuze, which is a spontaneously fermented, sour beer from the area around Brussels.
*"Stoemp": potato mashed with other vegetables, often served with sausages.
*"Salade Liégeoise": a salad with green beans, pieces of bacon, onions and vinegar, associated with Liège.
*"Vlaamse stoofkarbonaden": a Flemish beef stew, similar to the French Beef Bourguignon, but made with beer instead of red wine.
*"Waterzooi": a mild casserole of chicken (or occasionally fish) in cream, associated with Ghent.
*"Paling in 't groen/anguilles au vert": Eel in a green sauce of mixed herbs.
*"Gegratineerd witloof/chicons au gratin": a gratin of chicory in béchamel sauce with cheese.
* Slices of rustic bread and an uncovered spread, often pâté or soft cheese, served on a board and eaten with knife and fork. A typical variety is a slice of bread with quark and sliced radishes, typically accompagnied with a glas of geuze.
* "Pensen/Boudins": a type of sausage, often eaten with potatoes and apple sauce.
*The "Ardennes" is notable for "Charcuterie", or cold meat products, particularly paté, which may be made of game such as wild boar.
*Waffles, sometimes eaten as a street snack.
*Chocolate, particularly "pralines" (filled chocolates).

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