Mecha! is a tabletop miniature wargame published by American game publisher Seventh Street Games (now Flagship Games) in 1993. As its name implies, Mecha! is a game featuring gigantic mecha (towering war machines piloted by humans) that allows players to simulate raging battles on land, air, sea and space. The game is currently out of print.

Game Description

The ruleset is based on six-faced dice and uses inches for movement and range measurements. Energy points are renewed every game turn and allocated to movement, attack, and defense. Structural integrity is tied to the energy point supply, and damaged vehicles find themselves able to do less and less. Critical damage is also possible, leading to an immediate (and messy) destruction.

In addition to the mecha themselves, the game supports more conventional forces including tanks, fighters and infantry in powered armor. Other features include three-dimensional air and space combat (using five Levels), rules for increasing crew experience, three campaign systems, a mechanical design system and several generic battle scenarios.

Expansion Sets

The game received an official expansion, Spirit Warrior Empire, in 1995. The focus of this supplement are the Azteca, a space-faring race whose holdings comprise what is now known as the Spirit Warrior Empire. The book featured more missions, new mecha designs, and the complete history of the Azteca and their portion of known space.

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