Perfect Square

Perfect Square

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Name = Perfect Square
Type = Live performance
Artist = R.E.M.

Released = March 9 2004
Recorded = Bowling Green
Wiesbaden, Germany
Rating =
Genre = Rock music
Region =
Length = 143 min.
Label = Warner Bros.
Director =
Producer =
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"Perfect Square" is a video recording of a concert by rock band R.E.M., filmed on 19 July 2003 at the Bowling Green in Wiesbaden, Germany. It was released in DVD format on the Warner Brothers label on March 9, 2004.

This concert is perhaps most notable for a performance of the song "Country Feedback", which Michael Stipe opens by declaring it his "favourite song". The rendition features appended lyrics from another song, "Reveal"'s "Chorus and the Ring", and a guitar solo by Peter Buck, neither of which are in the original. The performance (in audio form) also found its way onto the limited edition issue of the "In Time" compilation, which was released a few months after the Wiesbaden concert.

Other concert highlights include the appearance of two then-new songs, "Bad Day" and "Animal", and the re-emergence of the long-lost song "Permanent Vacation". "Permanent Vacation" dates back to the band's "Murmur" days.

It is believed that the title "Perfect Square" is a play on one of R.E.M.'s earlier songs, "Perfect Circle", although that song does not appear on the DVD.

Included on the DVD release is a bonus documentary, "A Stirling Performance", chronicling the band's three-night stand at Stirling Castle in Scotland in July 1999.


*Dolby Digital Stereo
*Dolby Digital 5.1

Track listing

#'Begin the Begin' (from "Lifes Rich Pageant") (4:04)
#'What's the Frequency, Kenneth?' (from "Monster") (4:12)
#'Maps and Legends' (from "Fables of the Reconstruction") (3:28)
#'Drive' (from "Automatic for the People") (4:44)
#'Animal' (from "") (4:22)
#'Daysleeper' (from "Up") (3:46)
#'The Great Beyond' (from "Man on the Moon Soundtrack") (4:17)
#'Bad Day' (from "") (4:24)
#'The One I Love' (from "Document") (3:22)
#'All the Way to Reno (You're Gonna Be a Star)' (from "Reveal") (5:00)
#'Orange Crush' (from "Green") (3:59)
#'Losing My Religion' (from "Out Of Time") (4:45)
#'At My Most Beautiful' (from "Up") (3:37)
#'Electrolite' (from "New Adventures in Hi-Fi") (4:28)
#'She Just Wants to Be' (from "Reveal") (5:58)
#'Walk Unafraid' (from "Up") (5:16)
#'Man on the Moon' (from "Automatic for the People") (5:57)
#'Everybody Hurts' (from "Automatic for the People") (6:26)
#'So Fast, So Numb' (from "New Adventures in Hi-Fi") (4:24)
#'Country Feedback' (from "Out Of Time") (6:11)
#'Permanent Vacation' (2:52)
#'Imitation of Life' (from "Reveal") (3:55)
#'It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)' (from "Document") (5:55)



*Peter Buck - guitar, bass
*Mike Mills - bass, vocals, piano
*Michael Stipe - vocals

Auxiliary musicians

*Scott McCaughey - guitar, keyboard, vocals
*Bill Rieflin - drums, percussion
*Ken Stringfellow - keyboard, banjo, vocals

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