Falls of Foyers

Falls of Foyers

The Fall of Foyers is a waterfall on the River Foyers, which feeds Loch Ness, in Highland, Scotland.

The waterfall has "a fine cascade"ref|Nuttall, having a fall of 165 feet. It is located on the lower portion of the River Foyers at gbmapping|NH497203. The river enters Loch Ness on the East side, North-East of Fort Augustus.

This waterfall influenced Robert Addams to write a paper in 1834 about the motion aftereffectref|MAE.

The flow over the falls has been much reduced since 1895 when North British Aluminium Company built an aluminium smelting plant on the shore of Loch Ness which was powered by electricity generated by the river. The plant shut in 1967 and the site is now part of a Pumped-storage hydroelectricity system.


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