Animal Crackers (comic)

Animal Crackers (comic)

"Animal Crackers" is the title of several comic strips over the years.

The third began in 1967 and continues though today. Rog Bollen worked on the strip through 1994, at which time Fred Wagner began work on it.

The comic strip was also made into a cartoon television series in 1997. Featuring a group of animals that live in a fictional jungle called Freeborn.


Lyle Lion

Passive, insecure, and a momma's boy, Lyle Lion is not what one might call "King of the Jungle". He's more intent on talking philosophy and ordering a pizza (preferrably vegetarian) than be the dominant predator. His number one goal in life is to date Lana, being very persistent about it despite the multiple failed attempts; outside of that, his other goal is to be an astronomer. From the show, it is believed that he is left-handed.


He is the last remaining dodo alive, and is Lyle's best friend. Rash, impatient, and slightly self-centred, he is extremely hot-headed and refuses to believe that he lacks to ability to fly. This leads to multiple failed attempts to take flight, sometimes using some very innovative yet unusual techniques.


Despite his size and nature, this pachyderm is really an "over-grown baby" who craves for attention. He is rather arrogant and obnoxious and is not afraid to bully others with his size and strength to get what he wants. Some of his secret pleasures include inhaling loads of peanut butter and stomping petunias, but the sight of a tiny mouse will usually freak him out.


For a "supposed" leader of a herd, Gnu lacks any leadership qualities; rather, his traits show the exact opposite of a leader: lazy, timid, no sense of direction. Despite his nature, Gnu does mean well and is very dedicated to his herd, even though his presence there will hinder rather than help. He is also a caring parent, as he is a single father who has one son that he loves very much.


She is smart, attractive, strong minded, and the object of Lyle's affection. Lana is quite caring towards her fellow inhabitants of Freeborn, and will put the group ahead of herself. She is also an avid book lover, often found with her nose in a novel. Despite showing little to no interest in Lyle's pursuits, it has been hinted that perhaps she does have a crush on him; but only Lana knows the answer to that question, and her lips are sealed.


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