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Origin = Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Genre = Indie rock, Emo, Alternative rock
Years_active = 1995–2005
Label = Vagrant Records, Doghouse Records
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Rob Pope
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The Get Up Kids were an American indie rock band. Forming in Kansas City, Missouri in 1995, the band opened for bands such as Green Day and Weezer before becoming headliners themselves, including tours in Japan and Europe.Citation |last=Edwards |first=Gavin |title=The Get Up Kids Get Up |url= |publisher="Rolling Stone" |date=2002-08-05 |accessdate=2008-03-02] They released most of their albums on their own Heroes & Villains label, under Vagrant Records.Citation |last=Schild |first=Matt |title=Get Up, Stand Up |url= |publisher="" |date=1999-09-06 |accessdate=2008-03-02] Like many early emo bands, the Get Up Kids came to dissociate themselves with that label, as it came to be seen as insult to be known as an "emo band." [Citation |last=Heller |first=Greg |title=Bands Seek Emotional Rescue |url= |publisher="San Francisco Chronicle" |date=2000-09-10 |accessdate=2008-03-02] The Get Up Kids were viewed throughout their existence as an archetypal 'indie' band. [Citation |last= |first= |title=POP AND JAZZ GUIDE |url= |publisher="New York Times" |date=1999-11-05 |accessdate=2008-03-02]


The Early Years, "Woodson"

Lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Pryor had been writing songs since he was a teenager. [Citation |last= |first= |title= POP AND JAZZ GUIDE |url= |publisher="New York Times" |date=2001-12-14 |accessdate=2008-03-02] While in high school, Ryan Pope, Rob Pope, and Jim Suptic formed a short-lived band known as Kingpin, [ [, Get Up Kids Bio] ] and Matt Pryor was playing in a band called Secret Decoder Ring. Following the demise of the two bands in 1995, the Get Up Kids were formed. The band originally planned on calling themselves The Suburban Get Up Kids, until reasoning that there were fewer band names beginning with the letter 'G' than there are with the letter 'S', and that therefore they were more likely to be noticed in a record store if their name began with a 'G'. At the time the lineup consisted of Matthew Pryor (guitar/Vocals), Jim Suptic (guitar/backup vocals and occasional lead vocals), Robert Pope (bass), and Nathan Shay (drums). Pryor and Suptic met playing shows in different bands in the Kansas City area. In 1995, Pryor, Suptic, and friend Kevin Zelko saved to put out "Shorty/The Breathing Method", their very first 7" on Huey Proudhon Records. However, due to a reluctance to tour, Shay was replaced by Robert's younger brother Ryan in April of 1996. The band began to become more and more integral in the growing Kansas City bands, forming strong relationships with bands such as Rocket Fuel is the Key, Coalesce and Braid. After "Shorty", the band also released "A Newfound Interest in Massachusetts", as well as a Split 7" with Coalesce, with each band covering one of the other's songs in their own style. Soon afterward, the band was signed to Doghouse Records, where they put out their first EP, Woodson.

"Four Minute Mile"

After signing to Doghouse, the band drove to Chicago to record their debut full-length album with producer Bob Weston of Shellac. The album was recorded in only two days, with the band leaving on Friday after Ryan Pope got out of school, and finishing in the early hours of Sunday morning. "Four Minute Mile" created enormous buzz with a hooky immediacy and DIY aesthetic that was becoming the signature of Midwest emo. [ [ Emo ] ] They spent the following two years touring with other second-wave emo bands such as The Promise Ring, Braid and Jimmy Eat World. The album brought a lot of attention to the band, and a bidding war began between several larger labels, including Sub Pop, Geffen and Mojo Records. The band initially signed with Mojo, but soon became unhappy when the label requested that they re-record "Don't Hate Me" from Four Minute Mile, feeling that the label believed that "the best that [they could] write". However, soon afterward the band was dropped from the label when Mojo Records merged with Universal Records. Soon afterward, they signed with the then-unknown Vagrant Records.

"Red Letter Day" & "Something to Write Home About"

In early 1999 the band released Red Letter Day, a five-track EP that marked the first appearance of future keyboardist James Dewees on a Get Up Kids album, as well as the band's final release on Doghouse Records. In the fall of 1999, Dewees joined the band full-time, and the band began recording their second studio album Something to Write Home About in Los Angeles with producer Alex Brahl. Before the album went into production, Vagrant Records co-owner John Cohen had to borrow money from his parents, who mortgaged their house in order to fund the production of the album. In September 1999, the band released "Something to Write Home About" on Vagrant Records (under their own imprint, Heroes & Villains). The album streamlined the scrappy indie sound of the band's debut into concise, visceral and downright loud synth-driven power pop while retaining the signature drama that constituted "Four Minute Mile"'s lyrics. "Something to Write Home About" has been singled out as the band's only 'true' emo album.cite book |last=Brackett |first=Nathan |authorlink=Nathan Brackett |title=The New Rolling Stone Album Guide |publisher=Simon & Schuster |date=2004 |pages=330 |isbn=0743201698] Furthermore, the album single-handedly turned the struggling Vagrant label into one of the top Indie labels in the country.

Not only did the album make TGUK the standard-bearers for emo, but it also launched the genre into a public consciousness broader than the local scenes that had previously embraced it. Furthermore, the album made Vagrant Records a household name amongst indie connoisseurs. At the same time, the addition of Dewees alienated some fans, as the implementation of keyboards moved the band away from the DIY ethic of many in the punk scene.

As a result of their newly increased profile, The Get Up Kids toured relentlessly to promote the record. As well as touring Europe, Japan, and Australia, they toured with such acts as Green Day, The Anniversary, Koufax, Hot Rod Circuit, Jebediah, Weezer, Ozma, and many others. Their 2000 tour with Face to Face was sponsored by Napster. [Citation |last=Dansby |first=Andrew |title=Really Randoms: Rush, Dixie Chicks |url= |publisher="Rolling Stone" |date=2000-08-16 |accessdate=2008-03-02]

To capitalize on anticipation for their next album, The Get Up Kids released a rarities compilation "Eudora" in 2001. "Eudora" consisted of alternate takes, covers and B-sides released since the band's formation.

"On a Wire" and "Guilt Show"

May 2002 marked the release of the band's third studio album, "On a Wire", produced by Scott Litt (best known for his work with R.E.M. and Nirvana).Citation |last= |first= |title= The Get Up Kids - Guilt Show |url= |publisher="Spin" |date=2004-04-19 |accessdate=2008-03-02] The album saw the band take on a new style, with spare arrangements and a tightly-locked rhythm section. "On a Wire"'s lyrics show the band taking a turn for the obscure, relying on vague memories and moods in place of the hyper-sincere relationship drama that made up their earlier work. Just as "Something to Write Home About" alienated fans with its more produced sound, "On a Wire" was criticized by those fans who were disappointed with the softer musical direction of the album. [Citation |last= |first= |title= Jets to Brazil/Get Up Kids |url= |publisher="Spin" |date=2003-07-21 |accessdate=2008-03-02]

In March 2004, the band released their fourth and what would be their final studio album, "Guilt Show", produced by Ed Rose. The album marked a return to their earlier punk-influenced sound, [Citation |last=Caramanica |first=Jon |title=New CDs: Cee-Lo, Get Up Kids |url= |publisher="Rolling Stone" |date=2004-03-01 |accessdate=2008-03-02] as well as a move in a more adult direction at a time when bands such as Dashboard Confessional and Blink-182 were releasing similarly mature material.


During their 2004 supporting Guilt Show, tensions among the band members began to increase. Lead singer Matt Pryor's wife had recently given birth to their first child, so he wanted to spend more time at home. At one tour date in England, the tensions came to a head when Ryan Pope confronted Pryor due to his recent despondence, and after a band meeting the group broke up. However, they decided to finish their tour schedule, which included the 2004 leg of the Honda Civic Tour. After the tour ended, they didn't play together as a band until the next January during a show at the Granada Theater in Lawrence, Kansas. The show was recorded for their only live album and last official release Live! @ The Granada Theater.

On Tuesday, March 8, 2005, the Get Up Kids announced that after ten years they were calling it quits. Also announced was a short tour ending on July 2, 2005 in their native Kansas City and a retrospective live album entitled "Live! @ The Granada Theater". The group disbanded after their sold-out July 2, 2005 farewell show at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City.

ide projects

Every member of The Get Up Kids has been involved in a side project.

Reggie and the Full Effect

In 1998, prior to joining The Get Up Kids, James Dewees, who was still in Coalesce, started writing his own songs. Matt Pryor urged James to release his campy new songs, and thus Reggie and the Full Effect was born. [Citation |last=Hoard |first=Christian |title=Reggie Gets "Married" |url= |publisher="Rolling Stone" |date=2005-04-20 |accessdate=2008-03-02] For the most part, these songs parodied the sound of the emo genre, as well as other genres like nu-metal and synth pop. Reggie and the Full Effect, released the debut album "Greatest Hits 1984-1987", in 1999 on Second Nature. Over the years and through several line-up changes, they have since released four other albums on Vagrant Records: "Promotional Copy", "Under the Tray", "Songs Not to Get Married To" and "".

The New Amsterdams

In 2000 Matthew Pryor formed his acoustic side project, The New Amsterdams, with fellow Get Up Kids member Rob Pope, producer Alex Brahl and Jake Cardwell from the band Reflector. The New Amsterdams began as the mellow, folky counterpart to The Get Up Kids' hard-hitting emotional punk. All on Vagrant Records, they have released "Never You Mind", "Para Toda Vida", "Worse for the Wear", "Killed or Cured" EP, and "Story Like a Scar". Like Reggie and the Full Effect, The New Amsterdams have had several line-up changes over the years. However, Pryor is always the creative driving-force behind the band. Currently the band is deviating from its original acoustic format and consists of Kansas City-area musicians Bill Belzer, Eric McCann, and Dustin Kinsey.

Blackpool Lights

Jim Suptic's new band, Blackpool Lights formed in 2004 with members of Creature Comforts and Ultimate Fakebook. In June 2006, they released their debut album "This Town's Disaster" on Curb Appeal Records.

The Terrible Twos

Matt Pryor's other band, The Terrible Twos, is the alter-ego of the current New Amsterdams members. The band performs and records exclusively children's music. The band's first album "If You Ever See an Owl" was released in 2006, and included a story book illustrated by Travis Millard (famous for creating the cover art for Something to Write Home About).

The band will also be releasing it's second album, "Jerzey the Giant" on July 29, 2008 on Vagrant Records, the same day as Matt Pryor's first solo album Confidence Man is released.

White Whale

Rob Pope helped found the indie rock band White Whale, which released their debut album WW1 on July 25, 2006.

Tijuana Crime Scene

Rob Pope and Get Up Kids' producer Ed Rose were in the band Tijuana Crime Scene which was fronted by New Amsterdams member Alex Brahl. Tijuana Crime Scene made a single release in 2001 entitled Change of Venue.

Other projects

Rob and Ryan Pope have played bass and drums off-and-on in Koufax in 2004 and 2005. Rob is currently playing in Spoon.

James Dewees (who with New Found Glory had previously provided keyboards for the song "Failure's Not Flattering" on Catalyst and toured with them as a sixth member for about ten months) did not permanently join New Found Glory, due to his busy schedule with his own band, Reggie and the Full Effect. He has also toured with My Chemical Romance.

Ryan Pope also currently plays drums in Cavaliers.

Matt Pryor released his first solo album, Confidence Man on July 29, 2008 through Vagrant Records.


The Get Up Kids have had a lasting impact on the music scene, with many prominent figures citing them as inspiration or admiration. Blink-182 bassist and singer Mark Hoppus is a vocal fan, having proposed to his wife to The Get Up Kids song "I'll Catch You." [ [ The Get Up Kids' James DeWees talks group dynamics - Arts & Society ] ] The Get Up Kids were offered to join a Blink-182 tour after "Take Off Your Pants and Jacket", but they declined. [KRBZ interview with Jim Suptic, 2005] The members of Fall Out Boy were all heavily influenced by the band, particularly Four Minute Mile. In a 2005 interview with AP Magazine, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz stated that "Fall Out Boy would not be a band if it were not for The Get Up Kids." [AP Magazine Issue #204 "Say Goodnight, Mean Goodbye: The Oral History of 'The Get Up Kids'" Trevor Kelley]

New Jersey based act Midtown has stated in influence that they were heavily influenced by The Get Up Kids, amongst other groups. [ [ Ink 19 :: Midtown ] ] The Early November band members were all fans, and influenced by, The Get Up Kids. The Early November song "Baby Blue" includes the line "I don't want you to love me anymore." This line is taken directly from the Get Up Kids song "No Love", not only lyrically but melodically as well. [ [ Interview with The Early November ] ] The band Hellogoodbye have been vocal fans of the band, an while on tour with Reggie and the Full Effect in 2007, two years after the breakup of The Get Up Kids, Hellogoodbye invited James Dewees and Matt Pryor onstage with them, and proceeded to back them in a cover of The Get Up Kids' song Action & Action. [ [,guid,fc17bc78-d5c5-4be0-be29-d935bdf64bd6.aspx TOUR BLOG - Massachusetts rules and so do the Get Up Kids ] ] Nerdcore rapper MC Chris is a self-professed fan of The Get Up Kids and Reggie & the Full Effect, having toured as an opening act during Reggie & the Full Effect's 2008 farewell tour. In addition, the song "DQ Blizzard" from his debut album Life's a Bitch and I'm Her Pimp samples "Your Girlfriends Hate Me" by Reggie and the Full Effect, and live versions of the song contain samples of "Mass Pike" and "Action & Action by The Get Up Kids.


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