Charlotte Auerbach

Charlotte Auerbach
Charlotte Auerbach
Born 14 May 1899(1899-05-14)
Died 17 March 1994(1994-03-17) (aged 94)
Nationality Germany
Fields genetics
Known for mutagenesis
Notable awards Darwin Medal 1977

Charlotte Auerbach, FRS (14 May 1899 – 17 March 1994) was a geneticist.

Born in Germany, she fled to England because of anti-Semitism. She became well known after 1942 when she, with A. J. Clark and J. M. Robson, discovered that mustard gas could cause mutations in fruit flies. This, and her later work, founded the science of mutagenesis.

In 1947, she published a book of fairy stories titled Adventures with Rosalind under the pen-name of Charlotte Austen. In 1977, she was awarded The Royal Society Darwin Medal.


There is a street named Charlotte-Auerbach-Straße in Stuhr-Brinkum.


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