The OneUps Volume 1

The OneUps Volume 1

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Name = The OneUps Volume 1
Type = Album
Artist = The OneUps (OneUp Studios)

Released = June 28, 2005
Recorded = OneUp Studios, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 2005
Genre = Video Game Music
Length = 62:27
Label = OneUp Studios
Producer = Mustin
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* Square Enix Music Online (98%) []
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"The OneUps Volume 1" is a 2005 album of 17 songs, contemporary arrangements of the music from various video game soundtracks. A fan-made production, OneUp Studios nonetheless licensed the use of the original music arranged for the album. The album's catalog number is "OUS-004". The band takes its name from the gaming term 1-up, which refers to the gaining of an extra "life" or chance to play--usually one of the more sought-after and difficult-to-obtain bonuses available in a game.

The album is The OneUps' first, the band having been in existence for over 3 years and in its fourth incarnation. Promotion for the album was primarily based out of OneUps Studios' website, and supplemented by various tour stops around the United States at video game entertainment events including Video Games Live and vgXpo, as well as regular performances at the Fayetteville-based restaurant, Teatro Scarpino.

Volume 2 followed with a September 2, 2008, release. [ [ An Interview with The OneUps' Timmy Yarbrough by Alex Langley. "Rocket Llama World Headquarters".] ] .

Track listing

#"ToeJam Jammin'" (The OneUps) – 4:06
#*originally from "ToeJam & Earl"
#"Koopa Beach'" (The OneUps) – 4:03
#*originally from "Super Mario Kart"
# "Monkeys" (Mustin) – 2:59
#*originally from "Mario Paint"
# "Isle Delfino" (Tim Yarbrough) – 3:06
#*originally from "Super Mario Sunshine"
# "Andy Asteroids" (The OneUps) – 2:48
#*originally from "Earthworm Jim"
# "Schala" (The OneUps) – 3:08
#*originally from "Chrono Trigger"
# "City Lights" (Posu Yan) – 4:13
#*originally from "Axelay"
# "Katamaritaino" (Mustin) – 4:50
#*originally from "Katamari Damacy"
# "Koopa's Theme" (Mustin, The OneUps) – 3:19
#*originally from "Super Mario 64"
# "Bomberman" (The OneUps) – 3:05
#*originally from "Bomberman"
# "Town Medley" (William Reyes) – 4:36
#*originally from ""
# "Bossa De Link" (William Reyes) – 3:49
#*originally from "The Legend of Zelda"
# "Aquatic Ambience" (The OneUps) – 4:25
#*originally from "Donkey Kong Country"
# "Green Greens" (Anthony Lofton) – 4:47
#*originally from "Kirby's Dream Land"
# "Michael" (The OneUps) – 2:54
#*originally from "Maniac Mansion"
# "Paperboy" (The OneUps) – 6:19
#*originally from "Paperboy"
#*contains hidden track "What?" (Dale North & Mustin)
#**originally from "Final Fantasy V"Demo samples of the album are free and available for download at the OneUp Studios website.


*Matthew Bridges ("Moose") – bass guitar
*Nick Busby – album design
*Jared Dunn – egg shakers, maracas, bongos, drums, arranger
*Greg Kennedy – violin, mandolin, fiddle, arranger
*Anthony Lofton ("Miller") – tenor sax, soprano sax, electric piano, arranger
*Wing Yun Man (of Wooti) – logo design
*Nathan McLeod ("Nate Cloud") – alto sax
*Mustin – bass guitar, electric piano, güiro, piano, melodica, arranger, mixing, album design, producer
*Rik Nicol (of Wooti) – logo design
*Dale North – arranger, mixing
*William Reyes – electric nylon string guitar, acoustic nylon string guitar, arranger
*Rebekah Wood – vocals
*Posu Yan ("po!") – arranger
*Tim Yarbrough – electric guitar, acoustic steel string guitar, arranger

ee also

*The Minibosses, one of the very first game-music cover bands, focusing mainly on NES tunes.
*The Black Mages, a metal band founded by Nobuo Uematsu to play Final Fantasy arrangements.
*The Advantage, another band which plays covers of Nintendo theme music.
*The NESkimos, another band which plays covers of Nintendo music, but adds a very heavy style to it.
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External links and references

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