The Sheaf

The Sheaf

"The Sheaf" is a student run newspaper serving the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan since 1912. A new issue comes out every Thursday (although with the 2006/2007 staff, faster completion and delivery of the paper typically sees it on stands by Wednesday afternoons) with approximately 9,000 copies per issue.

The Sheaf is a student-run non-profit organization. It receives part of its operating budget from U of S students in the form of a direct-levy; the remainder of the revenue is generated through advertising. The financial affairs are governed by a nine member Board of Directors, eight of whom are students.


The mission of The Sheaf is to inform and entertain students by addressing those issues that are relevant to life on campus, in the city, or in the province. The newspaper is also meant to be a forum for discussion on a wide range of issues that concern students.

The paper is written for students by students. Most of the staff (editors, photographers, artists) are student-journalists. With this composition, The Sheaf tries to stay in touch with students on this campus. It offers unique insight to university issues through a student perspective.


The Sheaf is divided into two main sections. The first is the news and opinion or 'A' section, containing news stories, letters, features, editorials, and classified advertisements. This section also covers sports; especially focusing on the University of Saskatchewan Huskies.

The 'B' section deals with social life in and around campus. Band interviews and CD reviews, plays, the night scene, humour and special events are all featured here.

Editorial Policy

The Editor-in-Chief has the right to veto any submission he/she deems unfit for the Society newspaper. In determining this he/she will decide if the article or artwork would be of interest to a significant portion of the society and benefit the welfare of the readers. The Sheaf will not publish any racist, sexist, homophobic, or libelous material.

Organizational Structure

All U of S undergraduate students are considered members of The Sheaf Publishing Society, giving each the right to have a say in the operation of the newspaper, which includes standing for (or voting for) the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is the executive arm of the Society. It is the legal representative for the organization. It sets and administers the budget, determines employee contracts, the acquisition and liquidation of assets, and sets goals for the Society.

Under the Board, there are the Business Manager, Advertising Manager, Editor-in-Chief, Section Editors, and other staff members. The Business Manager is the Board's liaison in the office and is responsible for all accounting records, inventory, public relations, and office administration.

The Advertising Manager is responsible for marketing, sales (revenue) generation, and is the representative of the newspaper to the business community.

The Editor-in-Chief oversees the publication of the paper and gives the editorial side its direction and focus. He/she will write, assign, and edit articles. This managing editor also runs meetings, develops new writers, and coordinates the paper with the Section Editors.

Section Editors also write, assign and edit articles, but they are more refined in their focus. Each one has a specific area of coverage: news, sports, entertainment, and features.

Also on staff are the Photography Editor, Production Manager, Graphics Editor, and Delivery Coordinator.

Notable Sheaf Alumni

Roy Romanow, former Premier of Saskatchewan
Brian Gable, Globe and Mail editorial cartoonist
Tim Sawa, producer, the fifth estate, CBC
Michael Petrie, sports reporter, Calgary Herald
Mark Abley, poet, non-fiction writer and editor
Mihira Lakshman, reporter, CBC Radio, Halifax
Piya Chattopadhyay, reporter, CBC Toronto
Anna (A.J.) Lapointe, fiction author, Giller Prize nominee

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