Social venture capital

Social venture capital

Social venture capital is a form of venture capital investing that provides capital to businesses deemed socially and environmentally responsible. These investments are intended to both provide attractive returns to investors and to provide market-based solutions to social and environmental issues.

Among the firms that deploy "social venture capital" are: Acumen Fund, Triodos Bank [ [ Triodos Bank Company History] (company website)] , Calvert Group [ [ Calvert Social Investment Fund] (company website)] , The New Economics Foundation Social Venture Capital Fund [ [ The New Economics Foundation Social Venture Capital Fund] ] , Venturesome Fund [ [ Venturesome Fund] ] and Social Venture Partners [ [ Social Venture Partners] (company website)] .

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*Venture capital
*Socially responsible investing


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*Tiku, Nitasha . " [ Do-Gooder Finance: How a new crop of investors is helping social entrepreneurs.] " "", February 2008.

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* [ Venture Philanthrophy] is a GoogleTM Directory of prominent social venture capital funds or projects

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