Prime Minister of Iraq

Prime Minister of Iraq


The Prime Minister of Iraq is Iraq's head of government. Prime Minister was originally an appointed office, subsidiary to the head of state, and the nominal leader of the Iraqi parliament. Under the newly adopted constitution the Prime Minister is to be the country's active executive authority. Nouri al-Maliki (formerly Jawad al-Maliki) was selected to be Prime Minister on April 21, 2006. [ [ Iraq parliament elects new leaders] CNN, 22 April 2006] [ [ Maliki endorsed as new Iraqi PM] BBC News, 22 April 2006]


Under the Iraqi Transitional Government, the Members of the Iraqi National Assembly choose the Presidency Council; including the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers.

The Presidency Council then shall name a Prime Minister unanimously. According to this, the Presidency Council must agree on a candidate for the post within two weeks. In the event that it fails to do so, the responsibility of naming the Prime Minister reverts to the National Assembly. In that event, the National Assembly must confirm the nomination by a two-thirds majority. If the Prime Minister is unable to nominate his Council of Ministers within one month, the Presidency Council shall name another Prime Minister.


The Prime Minister cannot be appointed to any other position in or out of government. Because of this, no member of the Armed Forces, National Assembly, Minister, or member of the Presidency Council can be elected to this position unless the individual has resigned his commission or rank, or retired from duty at least eighteen months prior to serving.

The Prime Minister serves a four-year term.

List of Heads of Government of Iraq (1920-Present)

Prime Ministers of the British Mandate of Mesopotamia (1920-1932)

From 1920 to 1958 the Prime Minister was appointed by the King of Iraq, and usually held office for a single year before being replaced.

Invasion of Iraq (2003)

The position of Prime Minister was dissolved due to the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 and not reestablished until June 2004. The Coalition Provisional Authority was in charge, with the Iraqi Governing Council.

Prime Ministers of the Republic of Iraq (2004-Present)

The Iraqi Interim Government was created by the United States and its coalition allies as a caretaker government to rule Iraq until the Iraqi Transitional Government was organized following the Iraqi National Assembly election. The position of Prime Minister was selected to be the Head of the Government

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