Scar (disambiguation)

Scar (disambiguation)

A scar is a mark left behind after a wound has healed.

Scar can also refer to:

In music:
* "Scars" (album), an album by SOiL
* "Scar" (All Saints song), a song by UK girl group All Saints
* "Scar" (song), a song by Missy Higgins
* "Scars" (song), a song by Papa Roach
* "Scars" (song), a song by Rush
* Scars (band), a post-punk musical group from Edinburgh, Scotland

In film:
* "Scar" (film), a 2007 horror film starring Angela Bettis
* "Hollow Triumph" (1948), released in the UK as "The Scar"
* Scar (The Lion King), the villain from the movie "The Lion King"

In television
* "Scar" (Battlestar Galactica), an episode of "Battlestar Galactica"
** Scar (Cylon) an individual Cylon Raider for whom the episode is named
* Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist), a character in the anime/manga series "Fullmetal Alchemist"
* "Scars" (TV show), a one-off docudrama starring Jason Isaacs

In science:
* Scars (physics), a fingerprint of quantum chaos, see Quantum mirage
* Standing Committee on Agricultural Research of the European Commission
* Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

Other uses
* FN SCAR, a family of self-loading, automatic, sniper, and assault rifles
* SCAR 11 Assault Rifle, a fictitious weapon in "Battlefield 2142"
* Scar literature, a genre of Chinese literature
* "The Scar", a science fiction/fantasy book by China Miéville

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