Vincent (TV series)

Vincent (TV series)

"Vincent" is an ITV drama series. An initial series was made and aired in 2005 and starred Ray Winstone, as the titular character, and Suranne Jones as two members of a team of private eyes hired by people to spy on their partners or indeed anyone else they need to keep tabs on. The four part series also starred Angel Coulby, Ian Puleston-Davies, Joe Absolom, Eva Pope and Philip Glenister. A second series was broadcast in the Autumn of 2006.

eries 1


Vincent (Ray Winstone) and his private investigation team are working on a case of suspected adultery. Gary De Silva (Marc Warren), a devoted husband who suspects his beloved wife, Sarah (Charlotte Emerson) is cheating on him, turns to Vincent and the team for help.

Vincent can’t refuse because his own partner, Cathy (Eva Pope) recently left him for copper, DCI David Driscoll (Philip Glenister) and Vincent’s pain is still raw. Keeping a vigilant eye on Sarah, Vincent and Beth (Suranne Jones) watch her every move. They follow her to a club and straight into the arms of another man.

Gary’s suspicions are confirmed and Vincent immediately calls him to break the news, sending Gary into a frenzy...


When his perfect son, Ian, is knifed to death in a nightclub, his wealthy father Edward Harper (Rupert Frazer) calls on private eye Vincent (Ray Winstone) and the team to investigate the murder.

The prime suspect is Ian’s friend, James O’Connor (Adam Rayner), but the police are unable to touch him due to the lack of evidence and willingness of witnesses to talk.

Much to Vincent’s annoyance the investigating officer on the case is his personal and professional rival DCI Driscoll (Philip Glenister). James’s father is none other than notorious nightclub owner, Terry O’Connor (Roy Marsden) and it was in one of his clubs that Ian was killed.

Unable to resist the temptation of this intriguing and potentially dangerous case, Vincent pays a visit to Terry’s nightclub...


Vincent’s personal life is now in complete turmoil, after Cathy (Eva Pope) calls round to tell him that she’s pregnant with Driscoll’s (Philip Glenister) baby. Vincent’s devastated because she always said she didn’t want to have children, but now she’s found new love she’s changed her mind.

He decides to throw himself into a new case when recent lottery winner, Andrea Kendall is mysteriously killed, as she celebrates her win with the rest of the syndicate, her fiancé, Donny Watson (Stuart Laing), flamboyant salsa teacher, Deborah Finnigan (Tracie Bennett), and disgruntled Joe (Seamus O’Neill) and Pam Morgan, who pulled out of the syndicate just weeks before the win.

Another winner, Sheena Bennett (Kate Gartside) has asked Vincent (Ray Winstone) and the team to investigate. Sheena is concerned that suspicion is falling upon her brother Malcolm (Shaun Dooley), who suffers from a personality disorder and was seen following Andrea, as she left the celebration.

Vincent instantly likes Malcolm and feels for Sheena when he realises she’s had to bring him up as her own child, leaving her without a life of her own.


When housewife, Sally Mortimer (Barbara Durkin) finds thousands of pounds stashed in her husband, William’s (Terence Mann) wardrobe, she’s extremely suspicious and calls on Vincent (Ray Winstone) and his team to investigate.

Supposedly going away on business, John (Ian Puleston-Davies) tails William to the airport. As he checks in for Madrid, John is only too happy to hop on the same flight.

Confident that his team are on the Mortimer case, Vincent takes on another client, Keith Evans (Stephen Tomlin), who is concerned that his teenage son, Joel is acting out of character and mixing with the wrong crowd. Vincent asks Robert (Joe Absolom) to keep a vigilant eye on Joel.

At the hotel William is greeted by a beautiful woman, Julia (Maggie O’Neill) and its clear his trip is less business, more pleasure...

eries 2


Vincent is called upon by distraught wife, Selina whose husband, Raymond Kenyon has confessed to the murder of chambermaid, Eva Krackowic (played by Carolyn Ann Jones), and is serving time as a result.

He's received a substantial financial payment and Selina, who's convinced her husband is being paid to do time for someone else, wants to nail the real killer and find out who is funding the cover up.

After visiting The Central, the plush hotel where Kenyon and Eva worked, Vincent pays Kenyon a surprise visit in prison and asks him if he's really thought this through while Selina begs her husband to tell the truth.

Kenyon insists he was sleeping with Eva and because she threatened to blow the lid on their affair, he snapped and killed her.

But Vincent doesn't buy it and, after getting his hands on some pictures from the crime scene, begins an investigation to find out if Kenyon is the killer or not.


Vincent's employed by a cheating husband, Paul Hewitt, who fell for honey trap Laura. She not only seduced him, but she also drugged him and made off with his wedding ring!

Laura eventually agrees to hand the ring over for £500, which Beth pays. But when their meeting is interrupted by an elusive character called Gavin West (Anthony Flanagan), Beth's forced to leave without the ring or the money!

Meanwhile, Vincent's attentions then turn to Gavin West, especially when he learns that he's the president of a security firm and nothing happens on the estate without his say so.

After following him and his ‘soldiers' to a church community hall, Vincent and Beth senses trouble. They find Father Frank at breaking point and are shocked to learn the centre's been a target for some time. Will Frank take up Vincent's offer of help?


Teenager Amy has been murdered and all the hallmarks match serial killer Stephen Knight. So, the police, who are convinced they have their man, close the case.

But then, Amy's mother receives a letter from Knight confessing to other murders but not Amy's. Not knowing what to believe, she calls on Vincent's help.

Despite resistance from the police about their involvement, Vincent and Beth go and see Knight in prison, who insists the real killer is still out there.

Then it emerges Amy worked as a temp for Nelson Global. Is there more going on at the company then anyone else first realised?


In the final episode of the second series, Vincent is called upon by single parent Daniel Stevens, who finds his home under attack and fears for the safety of his young daughter, Chloe. When it becomes clear there has been an intruder, Beth moves in as cover and finds herself enjoying her ready-made family.

Meanwhile, Daniel's mate Eddie, who Robert has under constant surveillance, is found dead in his home. How is the death linked to the break in?

And, when Beth and Chloe are kidnapped from the school gates, Vincent faces a race against time to find the link between Daniel and the killer and rescue them before it's too late.

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