David Gunn (doctor)

David Gunn (doctor)

David Gunn (1946 – March 10, 1993) was an American physician. He received his bachelors degree from Vanderbilt University and earned his M.D. at the University of Kentucky. Gunn moved to Brewton, Alabama, after his residency, choosing to provide OB/GYN and abortion services in rural America.

Gunn was murdered in Pensacola, Florida by anti-abortion Christian Michael F. Griffin,[1][2][3] described by the New York Times as: "A fundamentalist Christian and a loner with a bad temper."[4] Griffin originally claimed to be acting "for God"; his attorneys would later assert on his behalf that he had been brainwashed by another anti-abortion activist, John Burt.[5]

From October 1998 through May 2009, Dr.Gunn was first of a total of four doctors murdered by killers proclaiming pro-life motivation. The others were doctors Barnett Slepian, John Britton and George Tiller. Gunn's murder helped lead to the passage of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act.[4]


In popular culture

In 1994, Gunn's violent death inspired the first official single "Get Your Gunn" by alternative metal band Marilyn Manson. The lead singer, Marilyn Manson, explained in a 1999 Rolling Stone op-ed piece on the Columbine High School Massacre, that to him, Gunn's murder by "pro-life" activists was the ultimate hypocrisy he had witnessed as a young adult.[6]

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