Integralism is a perspective according to which society is an organic unity. It defends social differentiation and hierarchy with co-operation between social classes, transcending conflict between social and economic groups. It advocates free unionism, corporatism, and organic political representation instead of ideological forms of representation. Often seen by opponents as a belief in "blood and soil" conservatism, Integralism claims that the best political institutions for given nations will differ depending on the history, culture and climate of the nation's habitat. Integralism is a Catholic inspired movement and does not support a national church, or Erastianism (Gallicanism in French context). Its critics and opponents also say that the movement is particularly associated with the French "Action Française" movement founded by Charles Maurras, and with fascism (especially in Latin America), although there exist deep points of disagreement: the stress on free unionism and localism while fascism defends a centralist state; the traditionalist and catholic foundation of their ideas against the atheist and modernist philosophical base of fascism. In Portugal, where the integralism was born, it is a monarchist and traditionalist movement of ideas and not a republican and state capitalist movement as was fascism. [Kallis, Aristotle A. [,M1 Fascism Reader] p. 313-317 2003Routledge]

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