Mr. Midnight

Mr. Midnight

Mr. Midnight is a children's horrors series written by Jim Aitchison under the pseudonym of James Lee. The series is published by Angsana Books. There are currently 65 "episodes" of this book and 4 Special Edition titles being distributed with more being written and released around every two to four months. It has been translated into Burmese, Malay, Indonesian, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese. [1]

James Lee (Aitchison) resides in Singapore and is also the author of The Seriously Funny Anti-Stress Book, Sarong Party Girl and the national songs such as "One People, One Nation, One Singapore" and "My Singapore Story" and even a children's mystery-fiction series called Mr. Mystery. A new series has been released with books 55, 56 , 57 and 'The Young Immortals'.

Another new book called 'Howl' is released with Books 58,59 and special edition 1.

Each book in the series contains two stories. The first book was titled "Madman's Mansion" and "The Monster in Mahima's Mirror"[2].

Jim Aitchison's books are very popular among young children and preteens and has been regarded as "Asia's answer to Harry Potter". [3]

A movie titled Mr. Midnight the Movie: My Haunted Holiday [4]was planned and used to be in production but was canceled as the producers thought the movie would not suit the books style.


Language English Malay Indonesian Simplified (Traditional) Chinese
Localised title Mr. Midnight Detik Tengah Malam (Mr. Midnight until book 4) Mr. Midnight 午夜先生 惊魂系列
Translator Original language Shajaratuddur Halim 张英(張英)djnsadmsak
Book no. First story Second story First story Second story First story Second story First story Second story
1 Madman's Mansion The Monster in Mahima's Mirror Rumah Agam Orang Gila Jembalang Dalam Cermin Mahima Rumah Hantu Gila Monster Dalam Cermin 魔屋 (古老怪屋) 镜中历险记 (鏡中歷險記)
2 The Case Of The Cursed Clock Night Of The Haunted Hamburgers Kes Jam Sumpahan Malam Burger Berhantu Kasus Jam Terkutuk Hamburger Berhantu 邪恶的时钟(邪惡的時鐘) 闹鬼之夜 (鬧鬼之夜)
3 Scary School Bus To Nowhere Revenge Of The Goldfish Bas Sekolah Yang Menakutkan Dendam Ikan Emas Bis Sekolah Tanpa Tujuan Balas Dendam Ikan Mas Koki 校车疑云 (校車疑雲) 金鱼复仇记 (金鱼复仇记)
4 My Creepy Computer There's A Ghost In My Photo! Komputer Seram Hantu Dalam Gambar! 恐怖电脑 (恐怖電腦) 照片幽灵 (照片幽靈)
5 Happy Birthday Horrors Eaten By Hamburgers Hadiah Ngeri Serangan Burger 生日惊魂 (生日驚魂) 吃人汉堡 (吃人漢堡)
6 Our Radio Won't Turn Off! The Cinema Of Doom Misteri Bunyi Radio Pawagam Berhantu 关不掉的收音机 (関不掉的收音機) 死亡影院 (死亡影院)
7 Don't Get Off At The 13th Floor! My Shoes Have Gone Nuts Misteri Tingkat 13! Kasut Gila 不详的13  疯狂的鞋子 (瘋狂的鞋子)
8 The Demon Dentist Who Stole The Zoo? Mangsa Dr Dredd Rompakan Zoo 魔鬼牙医 (魔鬼牙醫) 谁偷走了动物园 (誰偷走了動物園)
9 My Handphone Is Haunted! School Camp Terrors Telefon Berhantu! Serangan Kupu-kupu 闹鬼的手机 (鬧鬼的手機) 恐怖的野营 (恐怖的野營)
10 Who Else Is Living In Our House? Our School Ghost Tetamu Tak Diundang Hantu Sekolah 房子里另有其人 校园幽灵
11 Don't Laugh At A Killer Clown! My Sinister Sunglasses Badut Pembunuh! Bayangan Kaca Mata Hitam 杀人小丑 我的诡异墨镜
12 The Carnival Of Horrors The Boy With Blood-Red Eyes Karnival Berhantu Budak Lelaki Bermata Merah 恐怖的游乐场 血色眼睛的男孩
13 My Invisible Friend Strangled By Spaghetti Kawan Limunan Jerutan Spageti 面条杀手 我的隐身朋友
14 The Fiendish Fish Spirit Our Ghostly Bus Stop Roh Ikan Ganas Hentian Bas Berhantu 凶猛的鱼王 幽灵徘徊的车站
15 My Friend's Now a Mummy! May All Your Dreams Come True Kawanku Pocong! Mimpi Terjadi 我朋友成了木乃伊 祝你美梦成真
16 My Class Vampire The Mad, Mad Music School Pontianak Kelas Kelas Muzik Gila 班级里的吸血鬼 疯狂的音乐学校
17 All My Friends Have Vanished! What's That Thing In My Pillow? Semua Kawanku Hilang! Apa Dalam Bantalku? 我的朋友们都失踪了 我的枕头里有什么
18 The Super Scary Supermarket Who Invited The Ghost? Kedai Sangat Ngeri Siapa Undangkan Hantu? 超级恐怖超市 谁邀请了魔鬼
19 Flying Tiger Fist Of Shaolin Demon's Island Tangan Berterbang Shaolin Pulau Hantu 少林飞虎拳 恶魔岛
20 We Made A Monster Clones In Class Robot Hidup Clon Di Kelas 我们制造了一个怪物 克隆班级
21 Don't Go Near The Neighbors Somebody's Stealing My Life Jangan Mendekati Rumah Jiran! Seorang Mencuri Hidupku!
22 Wormhead They Came From The Drain Kepala Cacing Mereka Datang Dari Longkang
23 Good Knight, Raider Goh Sleep Over And Die! Penjaga Baik, Raider Goh Tidur Lain Tempat Dan Mati!
24 The Eight Legs Of Ang See Beng The Demon Dentist Strikes Back Lapan Kaki Ang See Beng Dr. Dredd Kembali Lagi!
25 The Wild, Wild Wolves Are Coming My Secret Stalker Anjing Liar Akan Datang Pengikut Rahsia
26 My Cursed Mask Welcome To The Weird School Topeng Sumpahan Selamat Datang Ke Sekolah Gila
27 Please Stay In Your Grave! Forest Of Fear Tolong Jangan Keluar Dari Kubur! Hutan Menakutkan
28 The People Gobblers The Revenge Of Mahima's Monster Manusia Dimakan Penbalasan Dendam Jembalang Mahina
29 My Creepy Cruise Stranger Danger Krus Menakutkan Orang Tidak Dikenali Berbahaya
30 Attack Of The Lizardmen The Body Switchers Serangan Orang Cicak Pertukaran Badan
31 Stop The Deadly Dummies! Who Sent Me A Coffin? Hentikan Patung Bahaya Siapa Menghantarkanku Kofin?
32 When The Ghosts Went Mad Drop Dead, Gorgeous Bila Hantu Menjadi Gila Jatuh Mati, Cantik
33 The Legend Of Lady Long Neck Who's Been Cursing Me? Lagenda Wanita Leher Panjang Siapa Sumpahkan Aku?
34 My Freaky Shrunken Head Evil By Email Kepala Dikecilkan Jahat Dari E-Mel
35 What's That Thing On My Hand? River Of Shivers Apa Di Tanganku? Sungai Berhantu
36 Dr Dredd And The Exploding Teeth Dead Write Dr. Dredd Dan Gigi Meletup! Tulisan Kematian
37 The Dead Are Dancing Old Ghosts Of New York Hantu Bernari Hantu Lama New York
38 Singing Swords, Dragon Drums Have You Been Drinking Brain Juice? Pedang Bernyanyi, Dram Naga Adakah Kamu Berminum Jus Otak?
39 My House Is Now A Graveyard When The Vampire Wakes Up Rumahku Sekarang Sebuah Kuburan Bila Pontianak Bangun
40 What's That Under Our School? Magic Shop Madness Apa Di Bawah Sekolah? Kedai Magic Bergila
41 There's A Witch In My Watch Tree Boy Ada Penyihir Di Arlogi Saya Anak Pokok
42 Beware Of The Gravedigger! The Eggs Of Evil Pengali Kubur Telur Jahat
43 Help Me, I'm Changing! Tower Of Terror Tolong, Aku Berubah! Menara Keganasan
44 Dr Dredd And The Dentures Of Doom Dressed To Kill Dr Dredd Dan Gigi Kiamat Berpakaian Berbunuh
45 Joshua Long, Your Hands Have Gone Wrong Why Can't We Go Into Classroom 44?
46 Heads Will Roll Don't Open This Letter!
47 Walking, Running Killer Fish My Shadow Is Killing Me
48 Just Before You Die Their Master's Grave
49 Old Ghosts Of Japan Drowned But Not Dead
50 Die Laughing At A Killer Clown I Live In Coffin 4, Blood Street
51 Dr Dredd's Voodoo Braces Keep Out! This Village Is Possessed
52 My Cupboard's Full of Cobras The Girl Next To Me Is A Witch
53 Terril Tan's Terrible Tongue Do Not Call This Number
54 Cross Country Creeps The Dead Are Watching
55 Where The Mad Are Buried Dead Boy's Birthday
56 Skulls At School There's A Vampire Upstairs
57 Freaky Farm My Mad Maid
58 Face Of Doom Buried But Breathing
59 The Circle of Death When The Screaming Had To Stop
SE 1 When The Living Meet The Dead
SE 2 Santa's Claws The fright before Christmas
60 The Brain Raiders The Monsters of Monte Bello
61 Who Was In That Coffin? Deathmaster
62 The Tomb of Dr. Theseus Don't let the Eagleheads Find You
63 The Sleepers Are Awake Beware Of Iron Face
64 The Beam Of Doom The Grave Busters
65 Trail Of Terror The Creeping Corpse
SE 3 Trick Or Treat - Or Die
SE 4 The Snowmen From Hell
66 Mangled Man The Ghost Factory
67 Here Comes The Coneheads! Dr Dredd Drills Again
68 Don't Look At The Dead! The Haunted Hangman
69 Has Anyone Seen My Head? Dead On Midnight
70 One Foot In The Grave We Will Always Be Watching
SE 5 My Halloween Night Of Horrors
SE 6 Our Creepiest Christmas Ever!
71 Never Look Into Their Eyes! The Curse Of The Bloodless


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