Chom Phon

Chom Phon

Chom Phon is a military rank of Thailand, considered the equivalent to a General of the Army. It is ceremonially held by members of the Thai Royal family but exists only on paper in the actual Thai military. The Royal Thai Navy equivalent is known as "Chom Phon Rau" and "Chom Phon Argard" for the Royal Thai Air Force.

Thai Army Ranks
Field Marshal (Chom Phon)
General (Gen.)
Lieutenant General (Lt.Gen.)
Major General (Maj.Gen.)
Colonel (Col.)
Lieutenant Colonel (Lt.Col.)
Major (Maj.)
Captain (Capt.)
Lieutenant (Lt.)
Sub Lieutenant (SubLt.)
Sergeant Major 1st Class (SM 1)
Sergeant Major 2nd Class (SM 2)
Sergeant Major 3rd Class (SM 3)
Sergeant (Sgt.)
Corporal (Cpl.)
Private 1st Class (Pfc.)
Private (Pvt.)

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