1-1-9 is the emergency telephone number in parts of Asia and in Jamaica.

119 in South Korea

119 is a direct-dial emergency number for firefighter and ambulance services operated by the National Emergency Management Agency. The caller's location is automatically traced once the call is connected, and operators who can speak English, Japanese and Chinese should be available. 1339 is a separate number reserved for non-emergency medical information calls. An emergency pager service called "U119" also exists for registered people such as the elderly or cancer patients. 112 is the dedicated emergency number for the police in South Korea, with other numbers dedicated for other situations, such as discovery of missing persons.

119 in Japan

119 in Japan is a direct-dial free emergency number that connects the caller to fire and emergency medical services. On certain older pay phones, the number can be dialed by pushing a special button on the phone that will automatically connect the caller with the 119 dispatch center. Although the dispatchers still record the address of the emergency call manually, most systems are now set up to automatically log the location of the call as well (for cases of emergency calls where the caller is not proficient in Japanese or where the caller is distraught or otherwise unable to respond coherently). Unlike many emergency number services, the 119 system in Japan only services fire ("kaji desu") or ambulance ("kyu-kyu desu") services. Police are called using a separate emergency number, 110. Operators proficient in English and other foreign languages are available in Tokyo.

119 in China

119 is recognized in China as the standard emergency telephone number for firefighters. As in Japan, the number for police is 110.

119 in Taiwan

119 is also recognized in Taiwan as the standard emergency telephone number for firefighters. It is widely used for all kinds of emergency including medical emergency. As in Japan, the number for police is 110.

ee also

* 000 Emergency phone number in Australia.
* 111 Emergency phone number in New Zealand.
* 112 Emergency phone number across the European Union and on GSM mobile networks across the world.
* 911 Emergency phone number in US and Canada.
* 999 Old emergency phone number in Ireland, Poland and United Kingdom (where it works parallel to 112). Also an emergency number in several non-EU countries.

* Emergency telephone
* Emergency telephone number
* In case of emergency (ICE) entry in the mobile phone book.

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